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The Latest Range Hood Sale for Your Kitchen this Memorial Day Weekend!

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One of our favorite things in our entire kitchen.  Yes, we’re talking about our range hood.  No, really.  It’s become such a statement piece and conversation point and, well, we’re in love.  We’re also in love with all the deals we found on all styles of range hoods this Memorial Day Weekend!

Range Hoods on Sale this Memorial Day Weekend! - Deals on Wall Mounted Range Hood

Quick Sale Picks

What seems like could be such a standard and boring purchase has actually been really fun for us as we’ve totally redesigned our kitchen.  From upgrading large appliances like our dishwasher to smaller appliances we proudly display on our counter like eye-catching colorful blenders and even our chic AF espresso machine, finding the right range hood can be exciting as there are so many options these days.  And so many of the most popular styles have come down a lot in price this Memorial Day Weekend!  They’re more price approachable than ever before.

You may not think of Amazon, necessarily, as the one to shop for range hoods, but they actually do have some great options and p equally great deals right now.  Of course, there are some additional retailers we’ve regularly shopped that are also having some great sales like:

If you’re looking for standard options like stainless steel your best bet is places like Home Depot and Amazon.  If you want something with a bit more design and style (rustic wood, farmhouse chic, ceramic tile) places like Wayfair and Houzz may actually surprise you with their selection.

We consulted with some of the professional reviewers and testers online, like Bob Villa, and they’ve come up with their top picks.  We’re here to take a variety of the best-sellers and run it through our data tools to find those options that are currently on sale.  That’s our bag, baby!

There are a few different styles and options you can typically choose from like:

  • Wall Mounted Range Hoods
  • Under Cabinet
  • Island
  • Inserts

And, if you’re going to buy online, make sure you know your measurements.  These can typically be as small as 24-inches all the way up to 48-inches.  Once you know all that, you’ll be ready to basically just choose based on style, color and, of course, price.

Below we’ve listed out all the current range hoods on sale (as of today).  We’ve also broken them out by some of the above categories so you can have an easier time finding the best price based on your needs.  We hope it helps!

We’ve rounded up some of the best range hoods (wall mounted and under cabinet) during the Memorial Day Weekend sale extravaganza!

Awesome Memorial Day Sales!

Top Range Hoods on Sale

Wall-Mounted Options

Under Cabinet

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