We are THIS Close to a Chipotle Emoji!

Chiptole Emoji 2016

…because how many times can you really use the poop emoji or the finger point into a hole with a sidewards winky face? 200? 559 times? Comedy genius and exceptional artist-to-the-stars, Avery Monsen, worked with the folks over at Funny or Die to come up with some brilliant rejected emojis. Here are the ones I […]

Top 3 Ways Ways You Can Turn Debt Around In One Hour


Most personal finances are jacked up. They are upside down at best. Too many work harder to supposedly live fully and have stuff. But in that pursuit of getting stuff we have to work that much which leaves little time to enjoy the aforementioned stuff. It is upside down! What needs […]

How Apple Made The Wristwatch Popular Again Without Selling A Single Unit

Apple Watches

Apple finally announced the launch and purchase reservation dates for each mo of their long awaited Apple Watch, including the Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition, and the two sizes that are available for each. Depending on the mo you select, you’re going to have to drop between $349 (the small Apple Watch […]

Delectable: The Only App You Need to Help Your Booze Filled Life

delectable wine app 2015 best alcohol apps

Fellow boozers unite!  We at taking our drinking seriously…or we just seriously drink.  Either way, we recently sat down with Lara Dunphy Guest from Black Cordon Vineyards and Sixteen by Twenty Wines in Napa Valley so that we could learn about all things wine mixed with technology.  Here’s what she had to say to […]

It’s Time: 12 Coolest Apple Watch Features You Need to Know About


…because it’s finally here and whether or not you’re amped about the new Apple Watch or are giving it the “I’m over Apple” side-eye, you have to admit, it’s pretty cool that we’re slowly turning into Inspector Gadget as a society. Apple started to release this information 25 minutes ago…here’s some cool features you need […]

10 Must-Have iPhone Apps for 2015


By now there is than likely an App that will help you stay relevant in the world of iPhone Apps. With over 1.4 million Apps to choose from in Apples iTunes Store they are divided by genre and then divided again between Pay-For and Free. They range from the ridiculous (Yes, I’m talking to […]

Ikea Tries to Take Down Tech Giant Apple With Latest Product Launch


Ikea is best known for giant blue warehouses, Swedish meatballs, and inexpensive, difficult to assemble, yet hip and fun furniture.  But, now they can add tech innovator to that resume with their latest product launch which clearly competes directly with the tech giant Apple. Check out the launch video here and be amazed: With “Eternal Battery Life”, they […]

Eat Me: The Boomf Marshmallow Selfie is Everything


Truth be told I’ve been telling people to ‘eat me’ for years.  Well, now they can eat you too thanks to the brilliance of the marshmallow selfie.  Kate Midton’s brother, James, has co-founded the company “Boomf” which allows you to upload pictures of you, your friends, your company…or anything you want, really, to their site […]

‘Bye Felipe’ Makes Me Grateful for Instagram, Yet Sad for HuMANity


…because of course everything you do ends up on the Internet. Flip through our 9 favorites. Finally a reason for Instagram that I can get my mind around. One Instagram account has been recently blowing up. It’s called #ByeFelipe and if you haven’t seen it, you need to. Giving a hat tip to “Bye Felicia,” […]

The New Video App From Instagram that I Want To Love – Hyperlapse


My feed has started to be dominated by and videos being fast-forwarded before my eyes thanks to Hyperlapse, a new app from Instagram.  So this morning I thought I would try to fast-forward my commute from the subway to the office with the help of Hyperlapse.  The app gives you the ability to […]

It’s Over, I’m Breaking Up With You Candy Crush


The saying goes, that all good things must come to end, and so it is with my days of crushing candy. It truly was a beautiful and special relationship that I will cherish forever.  You were always there when I needed you, like that time my plane was ayed, or waiting at the dentist, and […]