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YETI Promo Codes For June 2024

More than 10 ways to save at YETI this month with and without coupon codes.

Ways to Save This Month!

A lot of site claim to have coupon codes, but seldom seem to ever work.  So if you’re looking to save a bit – like 20% – YETI is giving out a 20% promo code for select shoppers.  Check this list to see how you qualify!

YETI lifestyle

NOW $20

New Arrivals, Colors & Design For Just $20 Online Only

NOW $225

Select Hard Coolers Starting at Just $250

Why Trust Us

The editorial team here at Brostrick has been manually reviewing and hand-selecting coupons, promo codes, and deals from some of our favorite retailers since 2014.

The team has direct relationships with hundreds of the top retailers, including YETI, so we will only provide a coupon or deal if it’s accurate, working, and live.  We check on a weekly and monthly basis to see which offers have expired or no longer working or if new offers have been added.

We do not allow users to post their coupon codes (because those seldom work or are truthful) and we do not use any third parties to write coupons and deals for us.  We’ve seen them on dozens of other sites and we’ve never found one that works or is “real.”  So you can trust that any offer you’ve seen here at Brostrick was vetted, written, and updated by multiple members of our editorial team.  Shop on!

The Deal With YETI

As a deals editor who has combed through, literally, thousands of discounts over the past 4 years I did find that, yes, YETI actually does offer some coupons. It doesn’t happen often, but there’s one group that can get their own 20% promo code and that’s what they consider to be everyday heroes.

Free Shipping

YETI doesn’t have a coupon code for free shipping.  However, they do just offer free standard shipping in the US when you spend at least $20.  You don’t need to do anything to take advantage of their free shipping offer except just spending a minimum of $20, which is pretty easy to do!

How to Get 20% Off

Like I mentioned, after researching I found out that some folks are able to easily get 20% off.  This includes the every heroes I talked about above: Military, Government, Nurses, and First Responders.

If you fall into one of these groups you’ll have to verify yourself through YETI’s partnership with ID ME.  Get Verified Here.

Military Discount

Good news here folks, if you’re in the military I was able to confirm that, yes, you can get 20% off if you’re active-duty or military service personnel. Sign in via YETI’s ID ME partnership to get the ball rolling. It’s pretty quick and simple.

Student Discount

YETI does not offer a discount specifically to students. The only exclusive discounts I was able to under were those mentioned above like military, nurses, first responders, and select government employees. Sadly, students and teachers didn’t make their current list.

First Reponder/Nurse

Currently I found that YETI is also giving a 20% discount code to current first responders, EMTs, nurses, police, firefighters and more. You just have to verify that you currently fall into one of those groups and the discount is all yours!

Older YETI Coupons Worth Checking Out

Just in time for Mother’s Day, YETI is now offering totally free customization on just about any of their products.  Time to get mom her own personalized Rambler!  No coupon code needed for this promotion.

Expires:  April 15th at 11:59pm CST

You can get free shipping for a limited time even without a minimum spend.  No coupon code is needed, as free shipping will added at checkout.  This applies only on the YETI website and not third party retailers.

Expires:  February 16th

Select color YETI Ramblers are now an extra 25% off for a limited time only.  No coupon is required.  Prices marked with 25% discount.

Expires:  January 25

Currently employed government employees (not retired) at the federal, state, or local level are given a 20% promo code from YETI once you verify your employment status.

Expires:  December 2025

Once you apply for an account, friends and family of the YETI brand/employees will get an extra 25% discount code you can use on a variety of YETI coolers, tumblers, apparel, and more.

Expires:  Ongoing

Snag an extra 10% off select used gear from “YETI Rescue” where they’ve refurbished a variety of their best sellers that have been lightly used.

Expires:  Ongoing