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Sonos Coupon For June 2024

Sonos, one of the best audio brands has speakers for just about every home at every budget.  I found more than 5 different Sonos offers taking place this month with and without coupon codes.

Ways to Save This Month!

Sonos seldom gives out coupons, but when they do it’ll come direct from the brand.  Here’s how you can get an official 15% coupon direct from Sonos this month.

Sonos Promo Codes June 2024

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We always call Sonos the unsung hero when it comes to home speakers and entertainment systems. If you’re a total speaker-head you, for sure, know them, have them, and have even added them to your holiday wishlist. But for the rest of us who are just regular shoppers, they were originally a bit new to us and, well, now we’re hooked.

Even though they have one-off speakers that sound amazing, they’re really known more for their multi-room speakers that can be played all throughout your home simultaneously. And with easy to use apps and bluetooth, you’ll be able to control them from basically anywhere. As if we couldn’t be crushing on them any more than we already are, they’re actually based right here in the United States (Santa Barbara, CA) so, especially these days, we love to support local.

How to Get 15% Off

Sonos, not typically known for having coupon codes and major sales, is now generously giving a 15% off coupon for select customers like first line responders, health care workers, front line heroes and now, even students.

Free Shipping Offer

Currently Sonos is offering free complimentary standard shipping on anything you buy directly from their own site (not third party resellers).  You don’t need a discount code.  The free shipping discount will be added in automatically at checkout.

Brostrick's Sonos Experience

While we’re big fans of Bose speakers, we’re equally fans of Sonos as well.  In fact, we’ve recently made the switch in our home to upgrade to the Sonos home theater system and it’s been a movie game-changer for us.  

We’ve been monitoring deals from Sonos for the past two years and there are a few things we noticed.  Historically, Sonos never really had major sales events like some other brands do.  However, as of recent they’re now providing more sales than ever before and some pretty great ways to take an extra 15% off if you’re a student (that’s new), or front line worker.  

Sonos also has a pretty great refurbished program in which you can save a decent amount.  But don’t worry, all their refurbished items is 100% certified, goes through rigorous testing, and will only be resold in totally mint condition.  If you’re looking to save a bit extra, be sure to check out their certified refurbished program.  Absolutely worth it,