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Luggage for Less with Coupon Codes & Sales at Calpak Travel

From sets of luggage to sets of packing cubes, Calpak takes the stress out of packing.

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Calpak Coupons April 2024

Take us away!  No, really we’d love a vacation in any form.   Organized travel is a game changer.  Finding the right tools so-to-speak not only helps you to travel light, it also helps keep things organized during your stay. 


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No really, we’re more than ready to get lost.  It seems like most everyone has caught the travel bug – and we don’t blame a single soul.  When researching various brands of luggage, we’ve learned that pieces that are made for the long haul (read: tossed around the airport, the trunk and the hotels), are usually the better choice.  While these pieces can carry a higher price tag, there are ways to save. You can score 10% off your first online purchase by subscribing to their newsletter, grab a cool $25 off when you successfully refer a friend and even get a $5 coupon code just for joining the rewards program.  And there’s always the sale section!  The best way to see any current promos, offers and discounts is to shop for coupon codes directly!   

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Subscribe to their email newsletter and you’ll get a promo code that unlocks 10% off your next online purchase. You’ll also get alerts on any new products coming down the line, and stay on top of all things travel in bags, apparel and wellness!

One of the things at the top of everyone’s to-do list is to start moving around again.  And while that definitely looks a little different for everyone, one thing we love is getting organized when it comes to travel – whether it’s a local staycation over a long weekend, a road trip, or finding a destination a flight away.  If you’re looking to plan, pack and organize for your next trip, definitely take a peek at the deals over at Calpak Travel.  Calpak is essentially a one-stop shop so to speak, on all thing travel organization (love!). If you spend a decent amount of time making lists, and getting organized (even if it’s a spontaneous travel plan), this will be right in your wheelhouse. They have some of the coolest bags, luggage sets, organizers, apparel, wellness, and more to get you on the right track. We’re always packing for an entire family over here.  That includes everything from last minute weekends away and overnight hockey tournaments to, week-long stays at the beach every year – even surprise trips to Universal.  One thing in common with every type of trip?  Finding the best way to pack efficiently, easily, and thoroughly.  Goals of avoiding a baggage claim can be achieved!

We’re big fans of packing cubes, and have even gifted them to some of the college aged guys we know,  and added one of their toiletry bags to our Gifts for Your Dad Guide.  It’s a nice alternative to the ziplock bag they typically toss everything into!

We love so many of the travel options here, including the fact that they go beyond suitcases and bags.  Check out some cool things to make your next trip easier below:

So whether you’re packing for yourself, or your family – for a trip large or small, they have something for just about anyone.  Pieces are reasonably priced, and their sale page can be a great way to save even more. 

Before you shop, check out some of the latest promos from Calpak this month


Subscribe to their email newsletter and you’ll get a promo code that unlocks 10% off your next online purchase. You’ll also get alerts on any new products coming down the line, and stay on top of all things travel in bags, apparel and wellness!

Let’s get away! Shop Calpak this month and get the latest in all things travel. Find bags, luggage sets, organizers, apparel and wellness, and be more than ready for any type of travel. Save when you sign up for their email alerts, join the rewards program, hit the sale page, or even refer a friend

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Check out the latest in sale items this month. Browse a rotation of bags, apparel, portable chargers, luggage sets and more, with some options coming in as high as 50% off.

Not sure where to start? Head straight over their best sellers, and find some of their top rated items starting at $40. Browse portable chargers, wellness kits, luggage, duffels, and more

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Need to update or replace your set? Shop their matching options, where some start under $350. Travel in style, and in various patterns and colors

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They sure do!  If you’re looking for the some of the best ways to save on a high quality piece (or pieces) of luggage, definitely head over to their sale section.   You’ll find some discounts are even as high as 50% off over here.  Shop everything from comfy travel outfits, accessories, organizers, bags, and various sizes of luggage – with select options discounted!


Unfortunately, they do not offer free returns.  They will, however offer flat rate return fees which are as follows:

  • Luggage: $14.95
  • Bags & Accessories: $7.95
  • Apparel: $4.95

You will only be charged the single fee, even if you need to return more than one item. 


Calpak offers a limited 1-2 year warranty on most of their products, with the option to purchase an extended warranty within 30 days of your purchase.

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