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12 Adult Costumes For Halloween When You’re Honestly Tired of Trying to Be Funny

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Funny New Adult Halloween Costumes 2024 - Most Popular Last Minute Costumes for Halloween

So.  Halloween.  Am I right?  Let’s just call it like it is; 2024 is a total dumpster fire of a year.  It’s all terrible.  Everything.  Do you even think you’ll be going to a Halloween party?  We’re already over it and we know you are too.  But, alas, here we all are trying to plan a costume just in case.  Look, even if you’re going to just put it on to sit on your couch to drink, don’t throw in the towel right yet.  Oh, and go wash your hands.  Always just wash your hands, anyway.

You know what we’re not going to do?  We’re not going to come up with a list of “The Hottest Costumes of the Year.”  Those sites usually list 100 different costumes.  It’s like, thanks for the help.  Now you’ll have to scroll for an hour.  Plus, every costume that’s “the most popular” is almost always certainly out of stock or you have to purchase the knock-off on eBay for upwards of a mortgage payment.

So welcome to our Halloween Costume Guide for Adults (or, like, kids who are just really tall for their age).  These certainly aren’t the hottest, the funniest, or the newest.  But, you know what?  They’re good.  They’re just good costumes.  Sure some may give you a small laugh (like the one you do through your nose) and some are kind of new but most are just classic standard options that won’t cost you are ton, may actually be in stock, and won’t be seen on everyone else at the party you’re going to on your Zoom call party.

So check out some of our best Halloween costumes for 2024.  Is this year over yet?


Bob Ross (The Happy Little Painter) Halloween Costume for 2024 – Shop It Here

New Popular Halloween Costumes 2017: Bob Ross Costume

Buy Here

This One Comes With:

  • Wig
  • Facial hair/beard
  • Shirt
  • Paint brush
  • Paint palette prop


Lydia From Beetlejuice – Shop It Here

Buy Here

No, Lydia isn’t funny.  She’s a total mood.  And she pretty much sums up how we’re all feeling this year.  A fan favorite from Beetlejuice you’ll almost want to wear this all year round, and definitely on your next work Zoom call.

This One Comes With:

  • The one-piece red dress
  • The must-have red veil


The Official “Over 2024” Hazmat Suit – Shop It Here

Buy Here

Let’s all just be honest for a quick second, we’re all going to probably be wearing real Hazmat suits by the time this year comes to an end.  So why not get used to it with this fun costume.  What a time to be alive!

This One Comes With:

  • The one-piece yellow Hazmat jumpsuit
  • The must-wear gloves
  • The black gloves


The Adult ‘Double Dare’ Contestant Costume   – Shop It Here

New Popular Halloween Costumes 2017: Double Dare Contestant Costume

Buy Here

This One Comes With:

  • Red (or blue) shirt
  • Yellow knees pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Goggles
  • Double Dare helmet


The Harley Quinn “Birds of Prey” Moto Jacket Costume – Shop It Here

Buy Here

Ok, fine, so we did add in a new and trendy pick.  But that’s only because for the past few year everyone has been obsessed with Harley Quinn and, well, this famous moto jacket is killer.

This One Comes With:

  • The moto jacket (fringe, caution tape, ribbon)


The Official Beetlejuice Outfit – Shop It Here

Buy Here

Everything old is new again and, this year, everyone is going back to the nostalgia of one of the coolest movies ever made, Beetlejuice.  If this means there may be a Beetlejuice 2 coming soon, well, we’re all here for it.

This One Comes With:

  • The famous striped jacket
  • The pants
  • The tie


The Classic Stranger Things Costume – Shop It Here

New Popular Halloween Costumes 2017: Eleven Stranger Things Adult Costume

Buy Here

It may just be us, we were really feel like Season 1 of Stranger Things was the best.  After that it all went downhill.  There, we said it.  So you can’t go wrong with the classic (and original) Eleven outfit.

Costume Comes With:

  • Eleven’s ‘dress’
  • Peter Pan-style collar
  • Socks and shoes sold separately


The Women’s Ghostbuster  – Shop It Here

New Popular Halloween Costumes 2017: Ghostbusters Costume for Women

Buy Here

This one is geared towards women, hence the “womens” title, but we say it’s really for anyone.  You do you.  Everyone can love (and be) one of their favorite Ghostbusters character!

This One Comes With:

  • Ghostbuster jumpsuit
  • Backpack
  • Badges
  • Pair of gloves


Founding Father (Hamilton Inspired?) Costume – Shop It Here

New Popular Halloween Costumes 2017: Founding Father's Costume (Hamilton Inspired)

Buy Here

You are not gonna throw away your SHOT.  Is this Hamilton?  Sure, why not.  Is he fancy pilgrim?  Who really cares at this point.  You’ll be drunk before you know it and this outfit will, most likely, end up on your front lawn.

This One Comes With:

  • Jacket (with vest and cuffs)
  • Pants
  • Jabot


The Official “Tina” from Bob’s Burgers – Shop It Here

New Popular Halloween Costumes 2017: Tina from Bob's Burgers

Buy Here

Because anything from Bob’s Burgers is always a good idea.  And, honestly, you don’t see a lot of Tina!

This One Comes With:

  • One-piece dress/shirt


The Men/Women “My Halloween Costume” T-Shirt – Shop It Here

Buy Here

Are you 100% over it already just like we are?  Take the total absolute nightmarish pressure off yourself with his (kinda) funny t-shirt that simply states “My Halloween Costume.”  You’ll get that laugh because it shows you’re not really trying, but you did kinda try.

This One Comes With:

  • Um, the t-shirt.


The Adult Wonder Woman (DC Comics) – Shop It Here

New Popular Halloween Costumes 2017: Wonder Woman Costume

Buy Here

Please, Wonder Woman, save us from the horrific year it’s been.  We need you more than ever!

This One Comes With:

  • Dress and attached shorts
  • Gauntlets and armband
  • Belt
  • Tiara
  • 2 boot tops

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