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15 Best Gift Card Ideas Perfect for Everyone!

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Don’t worry, we’ll keep your gift-giving stress down to a minimum this Christmas.  Scroll through our top picks for the best gift cards and vouchers (including e-gift cards) in 2024.

Best Gift Cards 2024 - Online e-Gift Cards and Vouchers 2024

Tapped out of gift ideas this holiday shopping season?  Yep, so are we.  Whether you’re looking for some great options for your annoying husband, your thoughtful wife, your mom or dad, or even your picky teen we all know when all else fails your best bet is to just gift ’em with the good old standby gift card.

What we love about how far gift cards have come in recent years is how you can now ship them (typically for free) to whomever you’re gifting them to, many you can actually design yourself, and some you can even email (or text) to them as an e-gift card.  I mean, why ever leave the house again?  Ever.

We’ve rounded up our favorite gift cards where you can just tap and click to easily purchase.  These are the options we’re most excited about!


Amazon Gift Cards – Buy It Here

Amazon Gift Card

Buy on Amazon

Everyone loves an Amazon gift card because they, literally, sell almost everything under the sun (including the sun, we think). Plus with so many free shipping, same day, and two-day shipping offers we can’t get enough. You can buy one of their standard gift cards online with price ranges from $25 – and on, or you can even design your own, choose an e-Gift card options and more!


Fenty Beauty by Rihanna – Buy It Here

Buy on FentyBeauty

Rihanna’s major beauty and skincare line, Fenty Beauty, is one of the most successful to date and is the perfect pick for all those beauty gals who already have everything.  They’ll be super impressed you even know about this!


Urban Outfitters – Buy It Here

Buy on UrbanOutfitters

One of the coolest retailers around is Urban Outfitters.  They have the trendiest clothes, best accessories, coolest merch and so much more.  Choose from a variety of different cool e-gift card options that can be emailed STAT!  This is your total go-to when it comes to what to gift your picky teenager too!


Anthropologie – Buy It Here

Buy on Anthropologie

Perfect for any of the trendy women on your list!  From the chicest clothing, must have beauty accessories, and even some really amazing home decor options, you can never go wrong with Anthropologie.  Like, ever.


Wayfair – Buy It Here

Buy on Wayfair

So what do you get the person who is obsessed with all things home decor?  They’ll totally appreciate anything from Wayfair, and they make it super easy to have it emailed to them at the date of your choosing (even total last second!).


The Everlane Emailed Gift Card – Buy It Here

Buy on Everlane

Totally surprise them that you’re so “in the know” that you thought of getting them something from Everlane.  They’ll totally appreciate it and they’ll finally be able to get that tote bag that Meghan Markle made famous!


J. Crew – Buy It Here

Buy on J Crew

A great choice for that special someone when they already have everythingAt J Crew they can choose from the latest fashion, style, accessories, and even some really cool collaborations between J. Crew and other brands.


Zappos Gift Card –  Buy It Here


Buy on Zappos

From shoes and sneakers to the latest fashion trends for women, men, and kids you can’t go wrong with a Zappos gift card. Plus we’ll go on record stating they have probably the best customer service and return policies we’ve ever experienced.  Ever.


Groupon e-Gift Card – Buy It Here


Buy on Groupon

Perfect for anyone who loves saving money and getting some of the most insane sales and deals online.  Groupon has come a long way over the years.  Choose a classic plastic gift card option or make it even easier by selecting their e-gift card option. Done and done.


Sephora Gift Card – Buy It Here

Sephora Gift Card

Buy on Sephora

Everyone will want the latest perfume, makeup, beauty products, cologne, etc so make it easy on you (and them) with Sephora’s gift card.  We love how there’s also an option to text them the gift card.  Text.  Um, text.  Finally a reason for technology!


Nordstrom Gift Card – Buy It Here


Buy on Nordstrom

Impress anyone on your list with the Nordstrom classic gift card.  If you’re feeling extra generous you can add up to $1,000 on this bad boy.  And if you do, consider sending it to me!


The Home Depot Card – Buy It Here


Buy on Home Depot

Hey there DIY’ers or friends of DIY’ers!  Tell Mr. or Ms. Fixerupper that now they can spend at their truly favorite store. Home Depot of course!  Send them the standard gift card or choose the email option.

13. Gift Card – Buy It Here

Buy on

Sure you’re not going to send them on a trip, but who wouldn’t love to put a little dent in their vacation budget?  Perfect for couples who are about to honeymoon or anyone who’s planning a trip and would love to have some of that trip for “free.”  At some point we’ll be traveling…right?!


Forever 21 Gift Card – Buy It Here


Buy on Forever21

…and don’t forget the teens and tweens in your life!  Oh, and some of us who are still over the “21” part of Forever 21, but still like to look around for random articles of clothing and/or accessories because, well, it’s soooo cheap.


The Classic Starbucks Gift Card – Buy It Here


Buy Here

….because the gift of coffee is needed all  year ’round.