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Sleep Like a (not sweaty) Baby with Soft and Lightweight Bamboo Pajamas

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They had us at pajamas.  Bamboo pajamas, as well as other clothing made from bamboo has gained quite a bit of popularity lately.  Known for being even softer than cotton, it only makes sense to add some pajamas to the mix!

Best Bamboo Pajamas 2024 - Bamboo Pajama Sets for Men, Women & Kids

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What’s the Deal with Bamboo Pajamas (and clothing)?

Bamboo pajamas – and clothing in general is gaining traction lately, with more and more options becoming available.  If you’re looking for a more sustainable and stylish way to keep your wardrobe fresh and comfortable, , bamboo clothing may be the perfect solution for you!  Bamboo is a durable eco-friendly material that is also extremely comfortable to wear, making it a great choice for those who are focused on adding more sustainable pieces to their closet.  And comfy lounge wear is always a great gift idea, for any of the guys and gals on your list.

What are the Benefits?

There can be quite a few benefits to bamboo clothing. For one, as mentioned above, bamboo is more sustainable than some other materials.  It grows quickly and does not require the use of pesticides or other chemicals. Additionally, it’s is very absorbent, meaning that it can be a great option if you tend to run hot.  So it goes without saying that this makes it an ideal material for the summer. Finally, bamboo clothing is often very affordable, making it a great option for those on a budget.

Anything Else to Consider?

If you are interested in bamboo clothing, there are a few things to keep in mind.  First, bamboo clothing is available in a variety of styles – and more people are been adding bamboo pajamas to their lounge and sleepwear options.  Additionally, it can be sized differently than traditional clothing, and it can shrink.  So it’s always a good ideal to double check the sizing chart before purchasing to ensure that your pajamas will fit the way you’d like them to.  Finally, it might be a good idea to wash bamboo clothing separately from other garments to avoid damage.

So if you’re looking to hop on this trend,  we’ve found some great options below, including:

A Trending Favorite
An Amazon Best Seller
An Option for the Little Ones

Shop our picks for some of the comfiest bamboo pajamas in 2024.


Cozy Earth
Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajamas

Cozy Earth Long Sleeve Women's Pajamas

Summer Sale $140.00

Buy on Cozy Earth

Available in five different color options, as well as seven different sizes, these pajamas are made from 100% viscose, from bamboo.  They are breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping you feeling cooler than cotton options.  Cozy Earth’s enhanced knit prevents pilling, helping your bamboo pajamas last longer.  Pick it up here.


Capri Pajama Set

WiWi Capri Bamboo Pajama Set


Buy on Amazon

Available in 35 different colors and patterns, as well as a wide range of sizes, from small through 4X.  These pajamas are made from 95% viscose from Bamboo and 5% spandex.  They’re soft, lightweight, moisture wicking, loose fitting and come in at a great price point.  Pick it up here.


Short Sleeve Pajama Set

Joyaria Short Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set


Buy on Amazon

A great options for those looking for shorts and a short sleeve top.  Available in 23 different colors and patterns, as well sizes ranging from small to 2X.  Made from 95% viscose (made from bamboo) and 5% spandex, these are soft and lightweight.  Pick it up here.


Little Sleepies
Kids’ 2 Piece Pajama Set

Little Sleepies Kids' 2 Piece Bamboo Pajama Set


Buy on Little Sleepies

These bamboo pajamas are available in a wide range of styles, colors and patterns and in sizes for kids of all ages.  Styles are soft, made from custom-milled bamboo viscose that’s can be a bit more comfortable on those with sensitive or eczema prone skin.  This particular style has no snaps, buttons, or interior tags!  Pick it up here.


Men’s Bamboo Lounge Pants

GYS Men's Bamboo Lounge Pants


Buy on Amazon

Made from 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex, these lounge pants are available in eight colors and range from small to 2X.  They’re lightweight and soft and won’t break the bank!  Pick it up here.


Cozy Earth
Men’s Stretch-Knit Bamboo Lounge Tee

Cozy Earth Men's Stretch Knit Bamboo Lounge Tee

Summer Sale $64.00

Buy on Cozy Earth

This lounge tee is available in five different colors with sizes that range from small to 3X.  It’s breathable, moisturw wicking and feels cooler than cotton.  Made from 100% viscose from bamboo.  Pick it up here.


Long Pants Pajama Set

Latuza Long Pants Bamboo Pajama Set


Buy on Amazon

A long pants option at a great price point.  These sets come in several colors and the sizing runs from small to 4X, with petite options as well.  Made from 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex, you’ll stay comfy and cool.  Pick it up here.

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