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Nerd Alert: 18 Best Geek Gifts For the Geeky Nerd in All Of Us

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Best Geek Gifts 2016 - Nerdy Christmas Gifts for Geeks 2017

Perhaps the most fun gifts to give is the “geek gift.”  We may try to pretend that we’re too cool to even think about what to buy that special nerd in our life but, truth be told, it’s a total layup…mainly because we actually want all of this stuff ourselves! From your classic Star Trek and Star Wars stuff to Minecraft and canned unicorn meat (yes, it’s totally sorta a thing), we got you covered for all your nerd-to-chic-geek gifts this 2024 season:

1.  For the Star Wars Geek in All of Us:  R2-D2 Coffee Press – Buy It Here For $40

Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press

Buy Here

2.  For the Star Trek Geek:  Star Trek 50th Anniversary Risk Game – Buy It Here For $42

Geek Gifts 2016: Star Trek Risk Game Edition 2017

Buy Here

3.  For the Minecraft Geek:  Minecraft Redstone Torch Night Light/USB Wall Charger – Buy It Here For $30

Geek Gifts 2016: Minecraft Night Light & USB Charger

Buy Here

4.  For the Geeky Traveler:  R2 D2  Luggage – Buy It Here For $100

R2D2 Luggage

Buy Here

5.  For the Nerdiest of Trekkies:  Star Trek Bathrobe – Buy It Here For $55

Geek Gifts 2016: Star Trek Bathrobe 2017

Buy Here

6.  For the Computer Geek:  Wireless, Waterproof, Foldable Silicone Keyboard – Buy It Here For $14

Foldable Waterproof Keyboard

Buy Here

7.  For the Star Wars Nerd:  Authentic Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber – Buy It Here For $200

Geek Gifts 2016: Authentic Star Wars Lightsaber

Buy Here

8.  For the Lego Nerd: Super Fun Lego People – Buy It Here For $10


Buy Here

9.  For the Sleepy Geek:  Clocky Chrome Alarm Clock on Wheels – Buy It Here For $75

Geek Gifts 2016: Clocky Chrome Alarm Clock That Rolls

Buy Here

10.  For the Geek With a Sense of Humor:  Unicorn Meat in a Can – Buy It Here For $10

Geek Gifts 2016: Unicorn Meat in a Can

Buy Here

11.  For The Walking Dead Geek:  “The Walking Dead” Monopoly Game – Buy It Here For $45

Geek Gifts 2016: The Walking Dead Monopoly Game 2017

Buy Here

12.  For the Nerdy Pilot: Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera Buy It Here For $110

Holy Stone Quadcopter

Buy Here

13.  For the Space Geek:  Classic NASA T-Shirt – Buy It Here For $25

Geek Gifts 2016: Classic NASA T-Shirt

Buy Here

14.  For the Super Hero Nerd:  LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Wonder Woman Light Up Alarm Clock – Buy It Here For $30

Lego DC Comics Wonder Woman Alarm Clock

Buy Here

15.  For the Star Wars Geek:  BB-8 App-Enabled Droid – Buy It Here For $95

Geek Gifts 2016: BB-8

Buy Here

16. For the Funny Geek:  ‘Speak Out’ Game from Hasbro – Buy It Here For $14

Speak Out Board Game 2016 - 2017

Lolz for days.  Players simply put in a game mouthpiece, pick a card, and try to say the phrase on the card until someone guesses it.  You look funny while being funny.  It’s a win-win.

Buy Here

17.  For the Minecraft Geek:  Minecraft Foam Play Sword – Buy It Here For $16

Best Minecraft Gift: Foam Sword 2016 - 2017

Buy Here

18.  For the Poetry Geek:  Magnetic Poetry (Geek Kit) – Buy It Here For $13

Magnetic Poetry Geek Kit

Buy Here

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