The Raddest Twitch Sale (Merch, Streaming Kits, and Games) this Christmas Season!

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If you’ve got a gamer in your house (or you’re the gamer) then you know that Twitch is where it’s at!  Whether you’re a newbie and need an official streaming kit to get you started or are just looking for some of the coolest Twitch-inspired merch, we found some of the best Twitch deals happening this Christmas Season!

Twitch on Sale this Christmas Season! - Deals on Twitch Merch, Streaming Equipment

Twitch Streaming Kit Sales

We’ve got a couple of obsessive gamers in our house who shall remain nameless (but they know who they are) and they spend more time on Twitch than should be allowed.  What started out with a simple gaming headset and some gaming keyboards has basically turned into what we like to call “His NASA Space Station.”  Can anyone else feel us?

If you’re a bit new to Twitch like we were/are it can all be pretty confusing.  So here’s the 30,000 foot overview.  Twitch is the game-streaming platform that Amazon bought some years back (for an estimated $970 million!!) was shortly referred to as “Twitch Prime” and now is just basically part of “Prime Gaming.”  What’s cool about the tie-in with Prime is that once you sign-up you’ll get access to free in-game loot each and every month, along with free games, a free subscription on and more.  Once you join, it’s easy to link up your accounts so that it’s all pretty seamless.  Learn more about joining and free stuff here!

There are certain times of the year when you’ll find some really amazing sale prices on a wide variety of things like Twitch merch, additional free games, and official streaming equipment – especially during this Christmas Season!   Keep an eye on the box below because that’s where we’ll be updating some last minute deals like:

Some of the best prices we’re seeing right now (this will continue to change as we get closer to the main event!) is around streaming equipment and fun merch like official Twitch hoodies, water bottles, tees, hats, backpacks – you name it.  So, to help you find the best-of-the-best, we’ll break down some of the best deals, sales, and just really good prices we’re finding this Christmas Season!

Here’s where you’ll be able to find the best Twitch deals during the Christmas sales and deals extravaganza! Just be sure to sign up for Prime Gaming and claim your free games first!

Christmas Holiday Sales!!

Fun Twitch Merch

Here’s a breakdown of the “best of” equipment on sale:

Streaming Cameras:

Streaming Microphones:

Gaming Headsets:

Streaming Kits:

Streaming Accessories:

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