The Annual Kindle Sale is Happening this March!

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There are a lot of eReader options out there when you don’t want to buy a physical book, but one of the top sellers year after years is the Kindle from Amazon. And their newest Paperwhite is now waterproof! Check out some of the best prices and deals heading into March 2023.

Kindle on Sale March 2023. - Deals on Kindle Waterproof Paperwhite

As you know by now, we’re total bookworms around here and while we do prefer to buy physical books, we know we’re in the minority. Most people find it easier and more cost-effective to just download the latest must-read and move on with their day. One of the best e-readers reviewed by the folks at Business Insider is the Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof option. At times it can get a bit pricy but, overall, we’re seeing some really great Kindle deals going on this March! In fact, if you’re ok with going with the last model, we’re seeing savings of up to 60% off!

Being an actual Amazon product, most people will only shop there to pick theirs up. There are a couple of additional authorized retailers that have some deals now as well. So, we’ll list out all our top picks so you can buy where it makes sense for you like:

Of course, the one that everyone is buzzing about the most is the Kindle Paperwhite because their latest version is lighter than ever (it feels like holding the paper) and is now waterproof, so bringing it to the beach, reading it by the pool, or even (safely) reading while in the tub is now all possible. And, even better, it has a glare-free display so you can actuallysee it even when it’s really sunny out. When you have yours fully charged it will even last you for weeks without having to recharge it again. Someother brands will only last hours before you need to plug in again!

There are a bunch of different Kindles to choose from, however, and our best tip is that if you’re willing to go with an older model or less storage, you can really save a ton. We’re currently seeing upwards of 50% off and we can expect great sale prices this March! We’ll keep this page updated with all the latest and greatest as they arise.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Kindle deals during the March sale extravaganza!

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