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Totally Comfy Couch Sales (from Sofas to Sectionals) this Prime Day (with early access deals)!

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There’s no easier way to really change the look (and feel) of your living quite like finding the coolest and most comfy couch for you and your fam.  And while they can certainly be a bit pricy, we were able to find some really great sofa sales this Prime Day (with early access deals)!

Sofa Couches on Sale this Prime Day (with early access deals)! - Deals on Sectional Couch

Quick Sale Picks

As you know, we’re totally renovating our home (it’s not as much fun as it sounds) and on the laundry-list of decisions we have to make it finding the perfect couch for our fam.  With three young-ish kids we know we really can’t get anything too nice since they tend to spill and jump and usually at the same time.  Believe it or not we ended up buying our sofa online (it’s not as scary as it sounds).  In fact, a lot of the most popular picks and ratings can actually only be bought online. Right now we’re seeing some pretty amazing deals this Prime Day (with early access deals)!

Never did we think we’d end up buying a couch on Amazon but, alas, here we are!  They do have some great choices that are both price approachable and on sale.  But we also want to showcase a few other retailers we’re we’ve purchased online as well and are currently on sale.

There are clearly a bunch of great options from brands and retailers you know.  On a personal level, our favorites when it comes to both price and selection is Wayfair, All Modern, and Macy’s.  Of course, choose the right deals that make sense for you, but we always recommend to go with an online retailer that’s offering free delivery because that really can be pricy.

There’s as many styles, colors, and patterns, as you can really dream of – and it can be overwhelming.  Some of the most popular include things like:

  • Full Sofa/Couch
  • Loveseat
  • Sleeper Sofa
  • Sofa Chaise
  • Sectionals
  • Reclining Couches

And, of course there are styles like:  modern, traditional, boxed, farmhouse, leather – you name it.  We’ve done our best to provide you with some of the current best sellers that are also on sale today.  We’ll continue to update this page throughout the event (and on the regular) so swap in the newest deals and the lowest prices.  It’s a bit of an undertaking so bear with us!  And if you happen to know of any sales you’re obsessed with that we haven’t covered, just drop us an email!

We’ve rounded up some of the best couches and sofas during the Amazon Prime Day sale extravaganza!

Awesome Amazon Prime Day Sales!

Top Couches on Sale


Love Seats

Sleeper Sofas

Chaise Lounge

Leather Options

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