The Best Ductless Mini Split Sale Happening this Amazon Prime Big Deal Days!

Because staying comfortable doesn't mean you have to blow your budget - go small and save big with mini split deals

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Mini Splits on Sale Prime Big Deal Days 2023! - Deals on Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner



Everywhere we’ve turned lately all we see is people installing mini splits and while they can be a bit on the expensive side, there are some great deals taking place on some of the top brands this Labor Day Weekend (with early access deals)!

We’ve always been an AC family each and every summer.  It’s a right of passage.  But we recently dipped our toe into the world of ductless mini-splits and – we gotta be honest – we’re really digging ours.  It’s not to say that they’ll be better than your favorite trusty air conditioner, but they have a whole lot of perks and aren’t really as scary as you think to have the installed.  Plus, right prices really can’t be beat, especially this Labor Day Weekend (with early access deals)!

On a totally personal level, what we love about our mini splits air conditioners is that they can be also used for heat, they’re actually really quiet (we only have to slightly turn up the volume on our TV when it’s on full-blast), it covers way more space in our home, and the mini-split unit itself is actually quite smaller than we thought.

In the “cons” column depending on how many of these you’ll need it definitely can get a pricey.  And you really will need an HVAC professional to make sure it’s installed properly, working, etc.  But, with the sales happening now it may just be one of the best times to buy – thanks toPrime Big Deal Days 2023!   And while you can always find great prices on Amazon, we also wanted to include a few other trusted retailers having some great deals too like:


$1600.60  $1465.99


$5140.57  $4179.54


$925.45  $829

While that may not seem like major sale prices, trust us, even getting 10% off would be great.  Keep in mind that you can order them online (enjoy the free delivery options) and then have your HVAC guy install it as opposed to them buying it for you.

And if you’re not entirely sure where to start or which brands to choose from, we highly recommend going with a known brand – even if they’re a bit more expensive.  This way, if something goes wrong down the road or you need to order a replacement part, most of the major retailers will carry what you need.  If it’s some random-brand you may be out of luck.  Some of the most popular brands include:  LG, Bosch, and Fujitsu.  Those three are a great place to start.

We’ve rounded up some of the best mini split deals during the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days sale extravaganza!

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