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Cooking Up Some Sales on Microwaves this week!

The latest deals on microwaves are really heating up!

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Microwaves on Sale Christmas (2023). - Deals on Microwaves for Countertop & Over the Range


Sometimes, time’s a factor and you need things done on the double.  Whether you’re looking to heat up some leftovers, or need to steam in-the-bag rice or veggies quickly, your microwave is your best buddy.  These are some of the best microwave deals taking place this week!

Sure, it might sound a bit dramatic, but most of can’t live without our microwave.  We might be dating ourselves a bit when we say we’ve had one in our household since the radar range days, but it goes without saying they’re worth their weight in gold as far as convenience goes.  While we remember hiding ours under a blanket back in the dorm days (hey, our options were that and a hot pot), we’re now self respecting adults, and are looking for something that qualifies as top rated and actually matches the rest of our kitchen appliances.  Something we won’t be hiding under a blanket!

We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the biggest and best sales on Amazon, as well as other retailers that might be running a great deal. Here’s a handful of the best taking place right now:


$219  $196


$119.99  $84.99


$389  $248

And since we’re on the topic of deals, we’re also finding other small-to-large appliances on sale like front load washing machines, Nespresso, and smart air conditioners, along with some Dash appliances!  We’re covering as many as we can this week!

While it is possible to go on the higher end when it comes to finding the right microwave, it’s also possible to snag one that’s going to break the bank.  Whether you’re looking for something small that will fit right on your countertop, or need something built in, you can find something that not only fits your needs, but also fits your budget and hits the right price point!

You can save a little money, and still get something reliable – especially now, during Christmas (2023).   After hitting the old web, and looking for some of the best prices around, it seems that you can save about 10% – 20%.  Works for us.

We’ve rounded up some of the best microwaves during the week’s sale extravaganza!

New Sales This Week!!

Top Microwaves on Sale

Convection Options

Over the Range

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