Sparkling LaCroix Seltzer Water Sales this Amazon Prime Big Deal Days!

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Next to our obsession with all things ice – we seem to drink LaCroix by the case each and every day.  We’re Watermelon fans here!  Of course, it can get pretty pricy so for totally selfish reasons we’ve researched to find some of the best deals on a variety of La Croix flavors happening this Amazon Prime Big Deal Days!

LaCroix on Sale this Amazon Prime Big Deal Days! - Deals on La Croix Seltzer Water

Quick Sale Picks

If you poked us with a pin we would shoot our a combination of our morning iced coffee and so many different flavors of LaCroix.  We were fans even before flavored seltzer water became a thing.  Our original go-to was Coconut and we’re unapologetic for it.  Who knew coconut would cause such a stir online?!  And while, at times, ordering replacements online can tend to cramp our budget, we’ve done our best to find some of the best sales and lowest prices this Amazon Prime Big Deal Days!

We usually have the most luck on Amazon (duh!), but we have a few more deals tactics where we’ve had some decent success with other retailers, so we thought we’d share those with you too:

We typically toggle back and forth between Amazon and Staples.  Since Watermelon is our favorite (we seriously drink way to much of it), we’ve had more luck with Staples having them in stock.  And, they sometimes have deals when you pick up a 2-case pack and save the more you buy.

And, in case you’re huge weirdo fans of LaCroix like we are, you may want to know about some interesting new flavors they have like:

  • Hi-Biscus
  • LimonCello
  • Pina Fraise
  • Pomme Bay
  • Pasteque (Watermelon)
  • NiCola LaCola
  • Find Them All Here!

It’s fun to try out the new flavors to switch things up from time to time, but like we said it can get pricy so hopefully some of the slashed prices will help that we’re seeing this Amazon Prime Big Deal Days!

We’ve rounded up some of the best LaCroix deals during the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days sale extravaganza!

Awesome Prime Big Deal Days Sales!

Top LaCroix Waters on Sale

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