The Latest Roomba Sale Taking Place this Christmas Season!

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In a sea of robot vacuums, the brand sitting at the top of the dust pile is iRobot and their famous Roomba vac.  We’ve had the original, have upgraded over the years, and are seeing that the prices are coming down with some real great deals heading into this Christmas Season!

Roomba on Sale this Christmas Season! - Deals on iRobot & Braava Roomba Vac

Quick Sale Picks

Robot vacs have been around for a while now and while they were always cool it wasn’t until recent years where their technology got better, they got smarter, and became more than just a fun thing to watch. Plus, they’re just way more entertaining than your standard vacuum cleaner!  We had the original Roomba from iRobot (sure, we’re dating ourself), but they’ve really come a long way since then and now there are so many different options to choose from, especially if you have pets!  We’ve also watched prices go down and, overall, they’ve become so much more price approachable and even more so thanks to this Christmas Season!

We typically monitor Amazon to find some of the lowest prices (averaging around 20% – 35% off) and while we have success there regularly, we also want to showcase a couple of other places you find some great Roomba deals too like:

If you’re a little lost on which one you want to purchase, we get it.  There are a ton of them.  And they all have different bells and whistles, perks, and must-haves based on your needs.  Not to mention they have an entire line of robot mops out now too!  But one thing is for sure, pretty much no matter which you pick you can’t go wrong.  When it comes to robot vacs, it’s not wonder why iRobot has been named multiple times as a top pick by Consumer Reports!

We’ll list out all the options that combine being best sellers (currently) and on sale.  We’ll update our list daily (bear with us!) to hopefully reflect the most recent pricing.  Here’s a quick list of some of the current top sellers and then scroll down to see the breakdown of each individual deal.

  • The i6 with automatic dirt disposal
  • The i4 (a bit cheaper) with auto dirt disposal
  • The 692 (most affordable)
  • The Braava Jet M6 (robot mop)

We’ve rounded up some of the best Roomba options during the Christmas sales and deals extravaganza!

Editor Approved Sales & Deals of the Day!

Top Roomba Robot Vacs on Sale


Braava Robot Vac

Bundled Options

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