Beauty-Approved FOREO Device Sale this Christmas Season!

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One of our favorite facial cleaning devices we swear by comes from FOREO.  Not only are the small, colorful, and cute – but they actually work.  And right now we’ve uncovered some amazing deals on a variety of their devices and cleansers this Christmas Season!

FOREO on Sale this Christmas Season! - Deals on FOREO Luna, UFO + Bear

Quick Sale Picks

If it’s one thing we learned from our time during the pandemic it’s that self-care is a must.  It’s really one of the only things that got us through it.  Well, that and wine.  Lots of wine.  But back to self-care.

We’ve been pretty obsessed with all things FOREO for a while.  What started out us just using their Luna 3 for sensitive skin, has morphed into picking up just about everything new they come out with.  Some reviewers even claim that they’re as close to spa-quality at home.  We tend to agree, although we’re leaving it up to the experts when it comes to reviews and specs.  We’re more the experts when it comes to sales and bargains – especially this Christmas Season!

If you’re looking to pick up one (or more) of these on the cheap we’ve had the best luck on Amazon, of course.  However, we also want to let you know about some other trusted authorized retailers that have lowered their prices as well.  We figured it was best for you to be able to pick and choose where you wanted to buy from:

As you can tell, there are a bunch of really tried-and-true retailers you can choose from.  And some will be better for you than others – depending on if you have an account with them, free shipping offers, extra markdowns with a coupon, etc.  But, on average we’re seeing savings of around 20% – 30% off some of their top sellers that are originally priced this Christmas Season!

If you shop direct at FOREO, we’ve found that they usually will have additional promotions where they bundle multiple products together so you can save upwards of 50% off.  And they even have a “happy hour” where they’ll pick and choose from some of their top sellers to markdown.  Speaking of which, if you’re not sure where to start, some of their most popular options include:

So whether you’re looking to have the ultimate face massage, want that feeling like you’re being scrubbed clean – or even want an illuminating eye massager (where it can help reduce the signs of crows feet, dark circle, fine lines, etc) there’s really something for everyone and the prices (as of now) are pretty great too.  We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

We’ve rounded up some of the best FOREO deals during the Christmas sales and deals extravaganza!

Editor Approved Sales & Deals of the Day!

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