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From Whiskey to Wine + Beer These are the Most Amazing Alcohol-Filled Advent Calendars This Christmas

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Put the kids to bed because this one is just for adults! Introducing some of the best alcohol-filled advent calendars for Christmas! From wine to beer and whiskey to rum, there’s really something for everyone this season!

Alcohol Advent Calendars 2024 - Wine Beer Whiskey Christmas Calendars 2024

Sure your kids love their advent calendars filled with Christmas toys, but what about a little something for the adults?   If there was ever a time to sample some unique spirits, this is it!  The good news is that this year there are plenty of advent calendars for adults that are filled with 24 bottles of wine, different craft beers, fun whiskey picks, and plenty of other alcohol options.

There are actually too many choices out there, so we’ve narrowed it down to some of the most popular picks from the online companies – the ones that are the most trusted and should actually arrive on time.  Clearly, there aren’t any guarantees, but overall their reviews are great.

And as a friendly reminder, your best bet is to choose their “pre order” option as soon as you see it available (it’ll be clearly labeled on their site) because typically these will sell out quickly and early!  With the shipping delays this year and what a nightmare 2024 is in general, we predict these will be more popular than ever.

Check out some of the alcohol Christmas advent calendars for adults in  2024!  Bottoms up!


Canned Cocktail Advent Calendar – Shop It Here

Canned Cocktail Advent Calendar


Buy at

Includes 12 cocktails!  Get into the holiday “spirits” with a variety of drinks from vodka spritzers to fruity rum punch.  Features brands like Hornitos, Ketel One, Bacardi, Absolut and more.


The 12 Nights of Wine Christmas Advent Calendar – Shop It Here

Vinebox Wine Advent Calendar


Buy at Vinebox

It’s one of the most popular wine picks of the Christmas gift season, but you gotta hurry and snag this one because once it’s gone, it’s gone for the year!  Most buyers are obsessed with the bottles each wine comes in and keep them after the season is over.  Bottoms up!


24 Jolly Whiskeys of the World  – Shop It Here

Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar


Buy at Flaviar

Time to get your whiskey on!  And now you can do it for 24 days in December, just like a Christmas elf should.  This one comes with popular whiskeys to try that are from all over the world and it even has a Glencairn glass, a coaster and flavor note cards so you can learn more about each one.


The 12 Beers of Christmas – Shop It Here

12 Beers of Christmas Beer Box


Buy at City Brew Tours

Beer is always a good idea, especially during the holidays.  This advent calendar (of sorts) comes with 12 different delicious beers to try out.  Since advent is 24 days, we recommend just picking up 2 of these.  Problem solved!


Sparking Wine Advent Calendar – Shop It Here

Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar


Buy at

Celebrate the countdown to Christmas (or anything, really) with 12 splits (187ml) of bubbles.  Features sparkling champagne from top wineries including Chandon, Gemma di Luna, Ruffino and more.


25 Days of Whiskey – Shop It Here

The Really Good Whiskey Company Advent Calendar


Buy at Really Good Whiskey

Finally an option for 25 days!  If they’re into whiskey, and we know they are, this is a must-have for them to test drive all different top picks.  This is another over seas company, so be sure to double check shipping prices and timing.


Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar – Shop It Here

Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar


Buy at

Hard seltzers seem to be all the rage these days.  Here’s an opportunity to sample while you celebrate and maybe even find a new favorite.  Check out some of the 12 best brands from the past year.


24 Days of Rum – Shop It Here

12 Days of Rum Advent Calendar


Buy at the Whiskey Exchange

The Whiskey Exchange is located overseas, but ships internationally (you’ll have to put on your patient pants though, as this one takes a little longer to get to you).  If you have any rum lovers on your list, this is a great pick for them.  This one comes with 24 different rums to try out from 24 countries and it currently comes with two glasses so, hopefully, they’ll pour you a glass too.


The Hoppy Hanukkah Craft Beer Box – Shop It Here

Hoppy Hanukkah Beer Calendar 2024


Buy at City Brew Tours

Ok, fine, it’s not technically for advent, but let’s hear it for Hanukkah!  They’ll get 8 crazy nights of delicious craft beer to test-drive.  You can’t go wrong!

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