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The Official Melissa & Doug Sale for Creative Kids this week!

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We’ve be a long time fan of Melissa & Doug toys, and lately they’ve been ramping up their sustainability efforts.  With creativity and quality in mind, you can find just about anything to fuel a young kid’s imagination.  There’s a little something for every kid, so take a look at some great prices on some amazing toys this week!

Melissa and Doug on Sale this week! - Deals on Melissa and Doug Toys

Quick Picks

Back in the day, this line of toys was definitely our go to.  Whether you need to purchase a little something for your own child, or need to come up with a great gift idea, you really can’t go wrong here.  We’re big fans of anything that supports creative and imaginative play.  Especially is a world that is so overcome with high-tech and digital options.  We love that there are still some toys out in Toyland that don’t come with an app, even though we’ve also owned plenty that do!  It’s all about unplugging and enjoying some time in the land of make believe.

So whether you’re looking for puzzles, building blocks, the perfect toys to play store, house, clean or anything in between, scan for the latest sales and see where you can save a little cash.  Check out some of the latest savings we were able to find lately.

We’ve always found that if you’re struggling for toy ideas, you can never go wrong with a classic.  And this toy line in particular has plenty of favorites that are tried and true for any generation.  Pretend kitchens, doll furniture, tools, cars, games and more – the list goes on, and on!

They cover a wide variety of options, as well as a wide variety of age ranges.  So while your toddler or preschooler might be loving the Slice and Stack Deli Counter, your grade schooler might be into the paint sets, sticker books and drawing boards.

Check out some of their best reviewed options:

  • Examine and Treat Pet Vet (ages 3+) – See it Here
  • First Shapes Jumbo Knob Puzzle (ages 12 months+) – See it Here
  • Six Piece Pretend Cleaning Set (ages 3-6) – See it Here

Whether it’s a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or no occasion at all, you might be able to find a decent price when you check out the latest sales.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Melissa and Doug toys during the week’s sale extravaganza!

New Sales This Week!!

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