The Awkward Portable Bidet Sale is Here this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Prepare for a clean like never before with these splash-tastic deals on bidets

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Bidets on Sale Christmas (2023). - Deals on Bidet Attachment


What started out as a trend during the pandemic due to the toilet paper shortage, everyone started buying up every portable bidet they could find.  Now, everyone is hooked!  So we found some of the best deals and sale prices on top selling bidets this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

We’re all adults here, right?  So we can confidently talk about our love of the portable bidet. Growing up we always had Italian friends whose parents had an actual ceramic bidet in their bathroom.  We were always confused by where there seemed to be two toilets in their bathroom!

These days you don’t need the full on toilet-inspired bidet to clean yourself after you go thanks to a wide variety of top-rated portable bidets and attachments that you can quickly and easily set up yourself.  And as time has marched on and more brands started going this route as a more sustainable option to toilet paper, the prices have drastically come down – especially this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Speaking of sales, there are some of the best ones happening right now on Amazon – but we also wanted to share with you some additional fantastic offers that some other trusted retailers we shop are also currently running like:


$1506.02  $1289.99


$699  $489


$1995  $1498


Overall we’re seeing some pretty decent savings averaging around 15% – 25% off the original prices, which is certainly helpful.  If you’re not sure where to start, there are a few different options that most find the most popular like:

  • The Free-Standing Bidet Toilet
  • The Bidet Toilet Seat
  • The Attachment (the most popular)
  • The Sprayer

If you’re looking for what’s probably the most simple, efficient, and takes up the least amount of space, we recommend going with any of the attachments (those are the ones you’ve seen all over Facebook and Instagram lately).  And there are plenty of options being added this Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Overall, they’ll leave you feeling cleaner than ever (way more than toilet paper, in our opinion) and some can even be temperature controlled so you can have it as warm or cool as you’d like.  Whether you’re looking for a super gentle wash or a super stream to really clean things out – there are plenty of options for everyone and at every price point.

We’ve rounded up some of the bidets during the Martin Luther King Jr weekend sale extravaganza!

MLK Jr Sales!!

Top Bidets on Sale


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