Back Pocket Upgrade: Top 12 Men’s Wallets This Winter

…because the recession is over and it’s time to show off all that money you now have.

Best Mens Wallets 2016 - Bifold Card Holders & Cases for Men

We’re just as guilty as anyone else when it came to crinkled up dollars and 74 cents in nickels in our front and back pockets. But with the change of seasons comes the friendly reminder that it’s time to not just carry a wallet, but make a subtle statement with it.  A wallet is really like the flashy underwear you sport underneath your boring suit.  So go bold and take some chances. Whether you’re looking for a traditional bifold leather wallet or just want a cool card holder that you can non-intrusively place in your back pocket and not feel like your money is on display, we’ve got you covered.  Shop our favorite 12 best wallets for men in 2017 and go bold with some non-traditional colors and patterns.

1.  Burberry ‘New London’ Faux Leather Navy & Black Card Holder – Buy It Here For $190

2016 Burberry Wallet Two-Tone

Buy Now On Sale: $190

2. Jack Spade Camo Leather Card Case Wallet – Buy It Here For $98


Buy Now On Sale: $98


3.  Polo Ralph Lauren Brown Grained-Leather Bifold Wallet – Buy It Here For $75


Buy Now On Sale: $75

4. Tumi ‘Monacao’ Slim Leather Card Case in Cobalt Blue – Buy It Here For $95

Buy Now On Sale: $95


5.  Thome Browne Striped Patent Leather Wallet – Buy It Here For $560


Buy Now On Sale: $560

6.  BOSS ‘Signature’ Leather Wallet Card Case – Buy It Here For $120


Buy Now On Sale: $120


7.  Ted Baker London Navy Blue Card Case Wallet – Buy It Here For $75


Buy Now On Sale: $75


8.  Frye ‘Oliver’ Classic Rustic Leather Wallet in Smoke Brown – Buy It Here For $98


Buy Now On Sale: $98


9.  Paul Smith Leather Billfold Wallet with Mutli-Colored Insides – Buy It Here For $225


Buy Now On Sale: $225

10.  Herschel ‘Hank’ Bifold Wallet in Charcoal Crosshatch – Buy It Here For $35

Herschel Wallet 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $35

11.  Shinola Slim Bifold Leather Wallet in Aegean – Buy It Here For $195 

Shinola Blue Bifold Wallet 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $195

12.  Classic Navy with Sailboats Magic Wallet – Buy It Here For $16

Navy Blue with Boats Magic Wallet for Men 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $16


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