11 Best Vans Slip Ons for Guys This Spring/Summer 2017

Best Slip On Vans for Men 2016 Spring-Summer

…because no matter what your age, there’s nothing better than the feeling of just slipping on your shoes or sneakers. Vans is one of our favorite traditional slip on sneakers and for the past few years they’ve been kicking things up a notch with bold colors, prints, fabrics and designs. Perfect for the summer, fall and spring (especially with no-show socks) check our our top picks for the best vans shoes and slip ons in 2017.

1,  Classic Vans Slip Ons in Black Canvas – Buy It Here For $45

vans shoes slip ons for men in black canvas

Buy Now On Sale: $45

2.  Vans Cracked White Leather Slip Ons – Buy It Here For $65


classic white leather vans slip ons shoes for men

Buy Now On Sale: $65

3.  Vans Pebble Snake Slip Ons in Glacier Gray – Buy It Here For $60

vans pebble snake sneaker slip ons 2015 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $60

4.  Indigo Tropical Blue/White Vans Slip-Ons – Buy It Here For $55

Tropical Floral Slip-On Vans for Men 2016 Spring/Summer

Buy Now On Sale: $55

5.  Checkerboard Light Blue/White Slip-Ons – Buy It Here For $47


Buy Now On Sale: $47

6.  Dachshund Brown Woven Slip-Ons – Buy It Here For $55


Buy Now On Sale: $55

7.  Classic Navy Blue Slip-On Vans – Buy It Here For $45


Buy Now On Sale: $45

8.  Black and Off-White Checkerboard Vans – Buy It Here For $47


Buy Now On Sale $47

9.  Navy/Black Denim Slip-On Vans – Buy It Here For $55


Buy Now On Sale: $55

10.  All Black on Black Vans – Buy It Here For $55


Buy Now On Sale: $55

11.  Aloha Floral Slip-On Vans – Buy It Here For $55


Buy Now On Sale: $55

best vans shoes slip ons for men 2015 2015 canvas leather

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