The Frames Game: The Best Mens Eyeglasses for Spring 2017

Best Eyeglasses for Men 2016

…because if you need to get glasses you’ll want to feel like Don Draper whilst doing so. Sometimes you sport a pair of glasses just for the look and sometimes it’s for functionality. Why not find a pair that fits both? Plus, eyeglasses are pretty much like sneakers…you can have a few pairs. And with the change of seasons as we give the deuces to winter and head into spring and summer, we’re all ready for a change.  amiright?!  From thick rimmed to trendy wire, shop our top 18 picks for the best eyeglasses & frames for men in 2017.

1.  New for Spring 2017:  Sandalwood Matte Finish Men’s Eyeglasses – Buy It Here For $95

New Mens Eyeglass Frames Glasses for Spring Summer 2017

Buy Now On Sale: $95

2.  Moore ‘Whiskey Tortoise’ Glasses for Men – Buy It Here For $95

Tortoise Glasses Frames 2017

Buy Now On Sale: $95

3.  Beckett Jet Black Matte Thick Eyeglasses – Buy It Here For $95


Buy Now On Sale: $95

4.  Dahl English Oak Eyeglasses – Buy It Here For $95

New Men's Eyeglasses Fall 2016: English Oak

Buy Now On Sale: $95

5.  Winston Antique Shade Fade Glasses – Buy It Here For $95


Buy Now On Sale: $95

6.  Gilbert Whiskey Tortoise Shell Glasses – Buy It Here For $95


Buy Now On Sale: $95

7.  Fletcher ‘Black Matte Eclipse’ Frames – Buy It Here For $95

New Eyeglasses for Men This Spring Into Summer 2017 - 2018

Buy Now On Sale: $95

8.  Chamberlain Clear Crystal Eyeglasses – Buy It Here For $95


Buy Now On Sale: $95

9.  Nesbit Heritage Bronze – Buy It Here For $145


Buy Now On Sale: $145

10.  Roosevelt Black Framed Eyeglasses – Buy It Here For $95


Buy Now On Sale: $95

11.  Barnett Brown Toffee Fade Eyeglasses – Buy It Here For $95


Buy Now On Sale: $95

12.  Gellhorn Round Eyeglasses in Blue Heron – Buy It Here For $195


Buy Now On Sale: $195

13.  Topper Blue Faded Frames – Buy It Here For $95


Buy Now On Sale: $95

14.  Oats Black Acetate & Stainless Steel Glasses – Buy It Here For $145


Buy Now On Sale: $145

15.  Striped Pacific Sloped Keyhole Bridge Eyeglasses – Buy It Here For $95


Buy Now On Sale: $95

 16.  Aviator Inspired Navy Blue Wire Framed Glasses – Buy It Here For $145

Aviator Glasses for Men Eyeglasses 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $145

17.  Haskell Crystal with Manzanita Eyeglasses – Buy It Here For $145

New Crystal Men's Eyeglasses 2016 - 2017

Buy Now On Sale: $145

18.  Round Whiskey-Tortoise Eyeglass Frame – Buy It Here For $145

New Round Frames: Whiskey Tortoise Glasses 2016 - 2017

Buy Now On Sale: $145

More About the Warby Parker Flagship Store & Company

If you’ve visited basically any Warby Parker eyeglass/sunglass shop know what I’m talking about.  Even if you haven’t actually visited them you can still become part of their experience by test-driving up to five pairs of frames and sending back what you don’t like.  The only thing that Len’s Crafters ever gave me…was a hard time.  Hey-oh!

The other bonus of Warby Parker is their “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program that sends glasses to those in need (they’ve already donated over 1M eyeglasses).  Sure it’s just like the whole TOMS deal, but I like it because I feel like I’m helping.  Plus, we’re talking relatively inexpensive options.  Mine were just $95.  So if I break ’em or lose ’em (both perhaps whilst at a bar) I don’t feel like I’ll need to take out a second mortgage to replace them…like I’ll have to do with my iPhone.

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