These Exact Christmas Cocktails Will Get You Through the Holidays

…because if Santa Claus is coming right down Santa Claus Lane, I’m going to need a minute.  I’m also going to need to be heavily intoxicated for the majority of December.  Who’s with me? Christmas is the time of year when you surround yourself with the people that you love and, well, in order to […]

11 Santa Approved Christmas Cookie Recipes

…because if you’re every going to make large quantities of cookies and then eat said cookies, Christmas is clearly the time. Similar to anything I try to make, it never looks quite like the original recipe.  However, even if they can’t look exactly the same at least they taste just as good.  Flip through our […]

The Most Inspiring Christmas Cupcakes & Decorating Ideas

…because your heart is in the right place, but your baking talent may not be.  Get inspired by these crazy Christmas cupcakes. We’re going on record stating that not only would we not know how to make any of these Christmas cupcakes, but we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to eat them correctly either. […]

15 Best Champagne Cocktails For the Best Buzz Ever

…because you’re going to need a strong buzz to all year round and, well, these 15 champagne inspired cocktails & drinks may do just that. [masterslider id=”110″] Some folks say you don’t need to drink to have a good time.  We don’t know who those folks are or why they would say something like that. […]

The Best Gingerbread House Fails and Wins I Had to Share

…because what you think you’ll create vs. what you end up creating are two totally different things.  Flip through the 19 best and worst (yet still best) gingerbread houses ever. [masterslider id=”95″] Each year families get together to make the ultimate gingerbread house.  More times than not it turns into a disaster.  But that’s the […]

The Secret To Surviving The Holidays, I Rely on Homemade Baileys


Add some Homemade Baileys Irish Cream to your coffee this holiday season.  Maybe wait until after dinner instead of starting off the day with it but, then again, after being home with your family for a few days, anything goes.  It is even a good after dinner drink paired with cookies, cake or pie. Homemade […]

8 Unique Cheesecake Recipes That Made My Bucket List

…because I say “damn lactose intolerance” and just go for it. [masterslider id=”14″] I’m not a believer that cheesecake is only for special holidays.  I mean, give it a go on Flag Day if you must, but you have to try some of these insane cheesecake recipes.  Flip through the above slideshow and find out […]