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The Most Festive Christmas Decor Sale is Taking Place this Memorial Day Weekend!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year (no, not back to school), Christmas! It goes without saying decking the halls is our main priority and if you’re looking to upgrade or add to your collection, check out some of the best deals taking place this Memorial Day Weekend!

Christmas Decorations on Sale this Memorial Day Weekend! - Deals on Holiday Decorations

Quick Sale Picks

It’s time to spread a little Christmas joy from the comfort of your own home.  Whether you’re the type to decorate as soon as the Halloween skeletons are put away, or are throwing things together a little last minute,  you’re probably not looking to spend a to create a winter wonderland.  It is the holidays after all, aren’t we already spending enough?  You might just be looking to add a few wreaths, switch up the color of your lights this year, or are in the market for a brand new theme – out with the old, in with the new!  So check out everything from the simplistic, to over-the-top, all in.

We hit the web to find the biggest sales we could find on Amazon, as well as other major retailers to find some great deals.  Take a peek at some of the best going on right now:

And speaking of deals, you can snag some essentials for your holiday party, like the Bartesian and Margarita Machines! (insert joke about the tree not being the only thing lit this season). We’ve got you covered.

Sure some people like to get a jump on things.  We all have that one friend in our feed that starts the countdown in July (save it, we’re already stressed enough). And we’ve all seen the article stating that early decorating actually makes us happier!  But for some of us, planning ahead is overrated.  We’d rather panic purchase sale items, while losing sleep at night over our shopping list.  Either way, there’s something for everyone.

It’s possible to save some money, and still get something festive – especially during this Memorial Day Weekend!   So you can hit the online retail trail and find decent prices on decor, whether you’re looking to light things up this year, or stock up for next!

After searching for some of the best prices around, we’ve found that you can save roughly 10% – 25% and let’s face it, during the holiday every little bit helps.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas decor during the Memorial Day Weekend sale extravaganza!

Awesome Memorial Day Sales!

Top Holiday Ornaments on Sale

Christmas Wreaths

Holiday Lights

Trees for the Win

Stuff the Stockings!

Go All-In Out on the Lawn

Top Off the Old Tree

The Countdown is On!

Snowmen and Pals

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