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It’s Official There Is A Dating Site for EVERYONE

Online Dating for Farmers

People spend a fair amount of their twenties, thirties and forties loing for the “one”; that special person who completes you and with whom you will joyfully spend the rest of your life.  Today, and people are turning to technology (successfully so) to facilitate finding the one and generalized dating websites have proliferated so […]

8 Best Instagrams from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


…because you can pretend you were hitting refresh on your computer to see if TIME Magazine named their “Person of the Year” as “Ebola” but you were really half-watching the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. If you missed it, here’s 8 things you need to know, thanks to the magic of Instagram. 1. When Maleficent […]

17 Adult Sex Toys I’m Not Sure I Understand


…because just when I think I understand sex, new toys are introduced and it’s like I have to start all over again.  Flip through our 17 favorite new sex toys for everyone.  Literally, everyone. Sure sex toys can be fun, but they also be hella confusing. What goes where? Are you sure? No really, are […]

I Want a Pumpkin Spice Condom Because My Penis Needs a Halloween Costume


I the Internet for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it’s filled with celebrity death hoaxes and other information that is most likely not true.  This time around, thanks to random people on , this rumor has made its way to my desk. Apparently, allegedly (don’t sue me) Durex is coming out (pun sorta […]