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Ruggable Coupons & Promo Codes For June 2024

Time to wash your rugs on the regular, thanks to the amazing brand Ruggable.  This month I’ve been able to find 4 different deals their running where you can save with and without coupons.

Ways to Save This Month!

Why scour the internet to try to find ways to save at Ruggable when they share all their coupons and sales directly with you.  I’ve seen a great 10% coupon for signing up with your email and another 15% coupon when you refer your friend.  



By now, you’ve probably seen the ads for Ruggable run across various social media platforms.  We actually first saw Ruggable when they were mentioned and shown on The Today Show.  We were pretty intrigued, so we figured we’d give it a try since they had an extra 15% off new customer promo code (as of this month, it’s a 10% coupon). 

But if you’re not familiar with them yet, they’re a line of area rugs that you can toss in the wash, and in your dryer too!  And if you’re like us, and like to do a little research, you’ll find that they’ve been highly rated by independent reviewers. The rugs are actually part of a two-part system:

  • The Water-Resistant Rug Cover (Lightweight, Pretty, & Durable)
  • The Non-Slip Rug Pad

That’s it! Read our full review and more about the brand below!

Free Shipping

As long as you living somewhere in the continental United States, Ruggable is offering totally free standard shipping.

They also have an amazing 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  To qualify for the return, your rug must be in new condition and without stains of any kind.

How to Get 10% Off

10% can really come in handy especially if you’re shopping an expensive rug.  When you give them your email address you’ll receive a 10% “welcome” coupon code you can use on your purchase.

Even better?  If you refer a friend to Ruggable and they make a purchase they’ll get 15% off their order and you’ll get an extra 15% coupon too.  Restrictions apply.

Brostrick's Ruggable Experience

Chances are, you feel like you’re always cleaning.  Or at least, that’s how it seems.  After fighting a never ending, uphill battle, we’ve surrendered to the fact that life just happens.  We’re firm believers that we “live” in our house.  Well, technically we were forced to adopt that mentality after years of realizing that nobody ever puts anything away (ever).  And whether you enjoy a planned gathering with friends, a last minute impromptu celebrating the fact that we made it through yet another week, or deal with heavy foot traffic on the regular, spills and stains are a part of life.  Sure,  you can turn a rug to hide the less fortunate angles (guilty), but you can only do that so many times before it’s time to toss it out.  Hypothetically. 

Alas, along came Ruggable, the washable rug and we never had to worry about stains, spots, and overall daily dirt on our carpet again.  An added bonus is that we didn’t have to worry about our wine or throw our friends out either.

When you need to clean your rug due to dirt from your shoes, your lovable pets, your lovely kids who always seem to somehow smash food directly into it and, of course your beverage of choice, simply remove the top cover (the rug itself) and place it into your washing machine.  Once done, you’ll remove it and place it in your dryer (on a low setting) and you’re good to go.  There are so many options, it’s easy to find a style, size, color, and pattern that aligns with any decor or vibe.


Ruggable does have limited sales.  In other words, they don’t necessarily run them on a continuous basis.  You’ll come across occasional sales during major holidays, seasonal offers, and of course there’s always Black Friday!

They do offer samples of their rug covers and rug pads.  Rug cover samples come in 10”x10” and include one complimentary 10”x10” standard rug pad.  A set of 3 samples costs $15 (and is $5 per design).  You can request samples using their online form.

Ruggable covers are water resistant.  They are also stain resistant.  Since they are of course, washable, you can detach from the pad, and wash as often as you need to.

They do not offer free returns. While you can return your rug within 30 days of delivery for a refund, they do have a $25 processing fee. It must be in new condition. So in other words, no dirt, stains or pet mishaps.

At this time (this month) Ruggable doesn’t currently offer a 20% coupon.  We’ve seen both a 10% (sign up) and 15% (referral) coupon you can qualify for.