14 Zen AF Bedroom Decor Ideas to Help Chill You Out

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If it’s one thing we can all agree on these days it’s that we really need to chill the F out!  These zen bedroom ideas will help get you there.

Zen Bedroom Ideas 2024 - Peaceful Relaxing Bedroom Decor, Decorating Ideas & Accessories 2024

With everything that’s been going on in the world lately (we’re looking at YOU Coronavirus) more and more of us are working from home.  Add on political everything, home-schooling, hurricanes, and random astroids heading our way we could use a safe and peaceful place to retire to each and every day.  Our more relaxing space is our bedroom.  We refuse to do any work in it and really only use it to sleep, meditate, and read.

There are actually a bunch of really cool and pretty affordable ways to decorate your bedroom to give it that total zen vibe that goes beyond just super expensive sheets.  Typically this involves decor accessories, the perfect lighting, and ways to set up special areas of your room where you can perform calming rituals like meditating, curling up with a good book, turning on that must-have essential oil diffuser, and more.

We’ve curated some of our favorite zen bedroom ideas that, oddly, won’t break the bank and can really help turn your room into a peaceful sanctuary that hopefully no one will ever find you in!


The Zen Meditation Floor Pillow

Buy Here

The perfect way to start your day each morning with a little meditation.  Please these comfy floor pillow by your bed or anywhere in your bedroom where you can take a few minutes for yourself to clear your mind, set your intention, and move on with your day.  The floor pillows come in more than 14 different colors.  See it here!


Moon Phrase Wall Hanging Garland

Buy Here

Take a little time for yourself by gazing at all the different phases of the moon with this calming wall garland.  Perfect to hang over your bed or anywhere else you see fit.  Choose from gold, silver, or even whimsical black.  See it here.


Decorative Hanging Flower Wall Sconces With Fairy Lights

Buy Here

Pretty, affordable, and oddly calming.  These chic hanging wall sconces come with everything you see here and even the fairy lights that can be programmed with a six-hour timer.  See it here.


“Let That Sh*t Go” Gold Foil Zen Buddha Print

Buy Here

A great print to help you totally zen out, repeat the modern forgiveness mantra, and even have a bit of a laugh.  Frame it, hang in on the wall in your bedroom, or even place it on your night stand.  See it here.


The Crescent Moon Himalayan Salt Lamp

Buy Here

Himalayan salt lamps are said to help detox your living area, help with your overall skin, and provide you with a better night sleep.  Believe it or not, this crescent moon is totally unique and will look amazing on any nightstand.  See it here.


Amped Fleece Throw Blanket

Buy Here

Because sometimes you just want to be totally wrapped in a super comfy fleece blanket and call it a day.  This one comes in a variety of different amazing colors to choose from.  See it here.


Faux Sheepskin Corner Lounge Chair

Buy Here

When you just need a place to escape, but you don’t want to actually get in bed yet this is the most comfy lounge chair ever.  It’s faux sheepskin, cozy to curl up in, and can fit either in the corner or your room or basically anywhere you have a little extra room.  See it here.


Minimalist Bedside Table Lamp

Buy Here

Simply stated and will go with just about any of your bedroom decor.  It’s perfectly priced too!  See it here.


Dried Lion’s Tail Grass Bunch

Buy Here

The perfect addition to any room, but will look amazing on your bedside table, bureau or window sill.  See it here.


Ivy Vine String Light Garland

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We blame Tik Tok for this latest trend, but it’s the perfect mix of trendy ivy and calming lights.  A must-have for just about any teenager’s room, but really is for anyone.  See it here.


Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser 

Buy Here

Essential oils is where it’s at for helping your to achieve your total zen state.  At the least, they smell amazing.  Choose from a variety of different color options.  See it here.


Bamboo Woven Pendant Lights

Buy Here

A great way to add some additional light to your space without taking up too much room.  See it here.


3D Color Changing Touch Moon Lamp

Buy Here

Choose your color via remote control or touch.  It lights up in 16 different colors of your choice and add just enough light to keep you cool, calm, and collected.  See it here.


The Sunrise Alarm Clock

Buy Here

Light gradually increases before your preset wake up time until your room is filled with bright yellow light! It totally mimics the sunrise to help you wake up more naturally…and less jarring!  See it here.

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