Yank Sing: My Dim Sum Happy Place

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Happy Place…

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Seeking out good Chinese food, for the most part, has become easier in the U.S. over the years and that is especially true if you live in a city with a vibrant Chinatown.  There are certain dishes and experiences that are still very hard to find good versions of, Dim Sum falls in that category.  Yang Sing in San Francisco is one Dim Sum experience that is difficult to find fault with and in fact it keeps me coming back during each of my visits to San Francisco.Start with what they call Shanghai Dumplings, you may know them as soup dumplings or Xiaolongbao.  They are steaming hot with maybe the thinest wrappers you will find Stateside.  The sauce is different and not something I have ever seen with soup dumplings, explained as a red vinegar sauce it is pink in color with pickled ginger; more refreshing than the soy, black vinegar version you find elsewhere.  Find the BBQ Pork Buns which are steamed pillows of sweet pork.  Keep it going with the dumplings and order the pork and shrimp Siu Mai and fried pork dumplings.  I recommend both with the homemade spicy Yank Sing Chili Pepper Sauce, it is excellent and different than any I have ever tasted, they sneak in black beans.  The bonus is you can also buy the Chili Pepper Sauce to take home!

If you have come for Dim Sum then you probably will be happy with the dumplings but it is worth exploring more on the menu.  The Chicken in Lettuce cups is comes with piping hot chicken and ice cold iceberg lettuce, an excellent match for the Chili Sauce.  The Peking Duck is crispy and delicious and worth a taste, again a dish where it can be hard to find a good version of. Finally, the Szechuan Chicken while not perfect is comforting and a solid balance of sweet, sour and hot.I the end I never love the Dim Sum dessert cart and frankly I can never find room.

Yank Sing has multiple locations but the most well known is in the Rincon Center.  Is it more expensive than what traditional Dim Sum costs, yes.  Is it worth it, yes.

Yank Sing
101 Spear St
San Francisco, CA 94105