World Leaders are Sitting on the Toilet Because Art

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Well here’s something we apparently needed. Italian artist, Cristina Guggeri, has taken to Photoshop to remind us all that some of the most famous world leaders are people too. And by that she means taking the nasty on the toilet. Was that not clear? Cristina’s art series titled “The Daily Duty” tries to bring these world leaders down to earth and, clearly, she’s achieved that.

1.  The Queen of England Taking the Classiest Shasta McNasty Money Can Buy:


2.  Barack Obama Looking Pensive and Solving World Problems Whist Being a Boxers Guy:


3.  Vladimir Putin Being the Real Spitfire That He Typically Is:


4.  The Dalai Lama Being the Change Whilst Doing the Change:


You can check out Cristina’s other favorite world leaders on the toilet like The Pope, Angela Merkel, Benjamin Netanyahu and more by visiting her Facebook page here.

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