Hey Bae, Tell Your Friends to Stop Saying These 14 Words in 2017

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Look.  We get it.  Words can be fun.  They keep you young.  Here’s the thing…we’re not young or fun.  We’re old and crabby.  And so are you, right?  Now don’t get us wrong, it’s not like we’re the moral compass of society but one thing we know for sure is that you need to tell your friends to stop saying these 14 words and phrases.  Like, it’s totes not a thing anymore.  Ok bae?

1.  Totes

Nope.  Not even when you keep saying it with “magotes.”  All done.


2.  Sorry, Not Sorry

Are ya now?  And stop captioning all your vacation Instagram pictures with this.  All done.

3.  Just Sayin’

It was cool in 2006, really.  Now?  Not so much. It’s the Myspace of phrases.  All done.

4.  Obvi

Even middle-schoolers eye-roll at this.  Don’t ask me how I know.  All done.

5.  On Fleek

Technically we don’t know what this means, but we go Aretha when we hear someone say it.  All done.

6.  Hashtag #

You already knew this.  We already knew this.  We’re still guilty of this one.  #AllDone

7.  Bye Felicia

When it takes white people, LITERALLY, 20 years to pick up this phrase….all done.

8.  Yolo

This doesn’t excuse your poor drunken decisions (trust us, we’ve tried…repeatedly).  All done.

9.  Cray/Cray Cray

Ok now.  All done.

10.  Feels/All the Feels

We gave this a whirl for a week.  We got one laugh.  All done.

11. …Said No One Ever

This is the equivalent of the sidewards winky face on old school text messages.  All done.

12.  Ratchet

We never understood it.  All done.

13.  It Is What It Is

“Denying raises since 1999.”  All done.

14.  Bae

Do you mean ‘babe?”  We seriously don’t know.  Is this like when you use your hands to form a heart shape?  We’re old.  And miserable.  All done.

So now that we’re all on the same page, how many of these are you guilty of?  We checked off 10/14…so maybe we won’t retire these phrases after all.  Deuces!

Ugh.  Add “deuces” to that list.

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