10 Best Fidget Spinners For Hands That Need To Stay Busy

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Fidget Cubes & Spinners

There’s a hot item making the rounds at elementary schools and beyond. Chances are, your kids have already asked for them – but if not, we’ll fill you in. Fidget Spinners, also known as Tri-Spinners are the new “have to have.” What looks like a propeller, is actually a handy little gadget (see what I did there?) that can provide stress release, quell anxiety and help you stay focused. In a nutshell? It’s got everything kids (you?) need to fidget. Because they’re such a hot item, local shops are having a hard time keeping them on the shelves, as deliveries are in – and sold within the day. Amazon to the rescue! We’ve found 10 options (including those with LED lights and others that glow in the dark!). Check them out below. And while these are strangely addictive (and most importantly, it beats bottle flip any day of the week. Unless they’ve capped it. That’s just all out impressive), just be sure your kiddo doesn’t bring it to school – driving the teachers crazy – if they don’t need it. That just ruins it for the kids who actually benefit from having these in a school setting.

1. Zekpro Fidget Spinner – Buy It Here For $18

Fidget Spinner

Buy Here: $18

2. Glow In The Dark Fidget Spinner – Buy It Here For $16

Glow In The Dark Fidget Spinner

Buy Here: $16

3. Copper Fidget Spinner – Buy It Here For $30

Copper Fidget Spinner

Buy Here: $30

4. Chillax Fidget Spinner – Buy It Here For $20

Chillax Fidget Spinner

Buy Here: $20

5. Compact Fidget Spinner For Smaller Hands – Buy It Here For $20

Compact Fidget Spinner

Buy Here: $20

6. FidgetDoctor Spinner – Buy It Here For $20

White Fidget Spinner

Buy Here: $20

7. Rainbow Fidget Spinner – Buy It Here For $35

Rainbow Fidget Spinner

Buy Here: $35

8. NBODY Fidget Spinner – Buy It Here For $10

Fidget Spinner

Buy Here: $10

9. LED Fidget Spinner – Buy It Here For $17

LED Fidget Spinner

Buy Here: $17

10. Brass Fidget Spinner – Buy It Here For $13

Brass Fidget Spinner

Buy Here: $13

Fidget Spinners aren’t your thing? Take a look at Fidget Cubes, or Focus Cubes. Click away at the buttons, flip the switch (a personal favorite), roll the ball, glide your thumb over a “worry stone,” maneuver the joystick, or spin the dial. And no, you don’t win anything. While these are often marketed as a gadget for those with stress and anxiety, everyone could use one. (Mostly because I’d have to guess 100% of the population has stress and anxiety in this day and age). Think of the joy you’ll experience while clicking away during your muted conference call. Probably on the same level as playing BS Bingo. So after taking a look at this six-sided cube and asking yourself – “How? How did I not think of this? It’s buttons and balls.” you’ll realize why this little hand held cube is so zen.

1. Black and Green (other colors available) Fidget Cube – Buy It Here For $11

Fidget Cube

Buy Here: $11

2. 12 Sided Fidget “Cube” – Buy It Here For $14

Fidget Cube

Buy Here: $14

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