3 Reusable Volcanic Face Rollers for Oil Control on the Go

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If your skin tends to be on the oilier side, chances are you’re always on the hunt for products that can absorb shine.  While we love a glow, we don’t love makeup that separates and slides all over our skin shortly after we’ve applied it.  Enter volcanic face rollers!

Best Volcanic Face Rollers 2023 - Reusable Oil Absorbing Face Roller

🏆 The Editor’s Top Three

What Does a Volcanic Face Roller Actually Do?

What exactly are volcanic face roller? These beauty tools are a handheld and reusable facial product that absorb facial oil.  Made of volcanic stone, you can roll these over your face whenever you feel like your skin needs some freshening up.

While these have been gaining popularity lately (much thanks to TikTok), we actually purchased ours almost two years ago!  We were intrigued by a couple of things, which is what led us to make the purchase, even though it was relatively new at the time.  First things first.  We’ve been on a quest in what feels like since the dawn of time to control oil, so we were already to add this to the cart.  Factor in the fact that it’s reusable and can be used without disrupting your makeup and it was a done deal.

Should I add it to My Bag?

It goes without saying that there’s no one size fits all when it comes to skin care, makeup and beauty.  We’ve been on the receiving end of products with five star reviews, only to wonder what we were missing since it just didn’t work for us.  With that being said, we absolutely think these are worth a try.  We really love ours.  And we’ll be fully transparent and say our expectations were low.  Over the years, we’ve purchased countless blotting papers, mattifying primers, oil free and oil control and sweat-proof foundations.

One of the most popular brands in this fast growing trend, is Revlon.  Which is great, as we always love a solid drug store option!

How Do I Use It?

Simply roll the volcanic stone across your face to instantly absorb excess oil and reduce shine.  Easy peasy.  Because this tool is small and lightweight, it’s easy to toss this in your bag for touchups on the go.

How Do I Clean It?

One of the best things about this Revlon option is that it’s reusable.  To clean your volcanic stone, just twist the ring at the base of the stone and pull it out.  Wash with a gentle cleanser, give it a good rinse, air-dry it, and place it back in.

So if you’re looking to check these out, and need a place to start, we’ve found some great options below, including:

A Cult Favorite
A Two Sided Option
An Option that Comes with Replacement Stones

Shop our picks for some of the top volcanic face roller brands in 2023.


Oil Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller

Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller

$9.03 (38% Off!)

Buy on Amazon

By far and away, this is the most popular option when it comes to volcanic rollers.  We love that it’s a drug store option at a great price point – making this an easy one to come by, whether it’s at Ulta, Amazon, or just about any local drug store.  This gets the job done, is lightweight and portable, and easy to clean for re-use.  Pick it up here.


Oil Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller

Aipimotro Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller

Buy on Amazon

If you’re looking for a roller that gives you just a little more, this multi-use tool is a great option.  On one end, you’ll find the volcanic face roller, but on the other end, you’ll find a makeup sponge.  This is a good pick if you’re already wearing makeup when making your touch-ups.  Sweep the roller over your skin, and blend any makeup adjustments with the sponge.  Pick it up here.


Oil Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller

Lazzybeauty Oil Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller

$5.95 (15% Off!)

Buy on Amazon

Perfect if you’re looking for a roller with a backup plan.  This option comes with a couple of replacement stones, so once your stone has just about had it, you can pop one of the backups right in.  Like the others, it’s compact and lightweight – making it easy to take on the go.  Pick it up here.

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