9 Cool Halloween Cocktails & Drinks That Spooked My Liver

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…because if you’re going to have a co-ed Halloween party you’re going to need a little something for everyone.  Boo!  Swipe through our favorite spooky cocktails for 2017.


Check out our favorite Halloween cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks of the season.  We couldn’t love the candy corn layered milkshake any more than we do!

1.  Best Halloween Drink for 2017:  The Candy Corn Milkshake


Because if we can get a non-alcoholic drink recipe for the kids out of the way, we’ll feel better about ourselves.  Using a combo of vanilla ice cream, sherbet, whipped-cream, and yellow food coloring you’ll be like a hero in front of your kids and this thing tastes insane.  Plus, if you have a buildup of mason jars you can finally put them to good use.

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2.  The Classic Witches Brew


Bring your undying love of bourbon to the Halloween forefront and calm your nerves when the doorbell rings tens-of-thousands of times.  Use your favorite whiskey and brand of blood orange juice to give things a cool crisp Halloween-orange color.  Super refreshing and the orange slice gives you the vitamin C you know you’ve been missing.  Silver-lining.

Get the Full Recipe Here

3.  Candy Corn Layered Jello Shots

Candy Corn Jello Shot Recipe for Halloween 2016

Welcome back Jello shot lovers!  We hate to spoil the secret ingredient, but it’s vodka.  These shots are sure to be total crowd pleasers this Halloween.

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4.  The Smokin’ Mr. Hyde Halloween Potion

Mr Hyde Halloween Cocktail 2016

Because if it’s Halloween, of course, you need your cocktail to look like it’s pouring out thick smoke.  Vodka, blackberry liquor and a slew of other ingredients, this is one of our favorites as it tastes great and is an immediate ice-breaker.  Pun sorta intended.

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5.  The Bride of Frankenstein


Keep it simple and classy.  Plus, this will be one of the ladies favorites since it’s a combo punch of sparkling wine (or champagne), Chambord and pineapple juice.  You finally have a reason to break out those champagne flutes that you’ve used once and put in the attic. Eh, keep the cobwebs on them, you know, for theme.

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6.  The Candy Corn Martini


Let’s face it, there’s only so much candy corn you can eat.  What are we talking, like, 10-12 bags over the course of the Halloween season? Put them to good use by tossing them into your candy corn vodka which, yes, does exist.  If you have a hard time finding it, just double up on the actual candy corn pieces.  The point is getting drunk, right?

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7.  Vampire’s Kiss


How insane does this look? Go out and buy some black vodka now along with some champagne and cranberry juice because this drink is definitely going to be a Halloween crowd pleaser.  Plus, who doesn’t want a blood-like substance dripping down their glass (and eventually lips)?

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8.  Halloween Storm


Because, well, it’s time for shots.  And who doesn’t want a shot that looks like a mix between an actual storm and part of your brain? If you’re a fan of Bailey’s Irish Cream, you’ll be a fan of this.

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9.  Bubbling and Bloody Witches Brew

Bubbling and Bloody Witches Brew Halloween Cocktail 2016

Because it only makes sense to add dry ice to everything.

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