The J. Crew & Jimmy Fallon Pocket Dial Will Change Your iPhone to Pocket Square Ratio Forever

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Is it a joke or is it pure genius?  After Jimmy Fallon and the scientists at J. Crew realized that many business men (and women) are storing their iPhone in their suit jacket front pocket they decided to combine forces and use their powers for good by creating The Pocket Dial.

The Pocket Dial is an iPhone case and pocket square all in one.  Simply place your iPhone into the Pocket Dial, then clip on the pocket square at preferred height, and finally place it in your suit chest pocket.  Done and done.  Oh, and did we mention that 100% of the proceeds of The Pocket Dial go to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a charity that helps protect Africa’s elephants from ivory poaching and extinction.  So you’re doing a good deed while getting a little office laugh.

The Pocket Dial J.Crew Jimmy Fallon iPhone Pocket Square 2016

How to ‘Install’ The Pocket Dial:

How to Use the Pocket Dial from J Crew and Jimmy Fallon Directions