The Leftovers is the Best Show on TV

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What do you get when you combine premium channel television, a terrific ensemble cast and a creepy, intriguing premise?

You get The Leftovers, which might be one of the best shows on television that nobody watches. Before we get into the basics of why The Leftovers is one of the best shows on TV, let’s first take a look at the show’s interesting premise. In a nutshell, The Leftovers is set following an event known as the “sudden departure,” which consisted of about 2 percent of the world’s population suddenly vanishing from the planet in a rapture-like happening. The departure has left those remaining on Earth struggling to make sense of what occurred, and how they go about making sense of this is where the show really shines. Two seasons of the show have already aired on HBO and the third – and final – season is slated to premiere starting in April 2017.

So just why should you be watching The Leftovers? Here’s a look at why people love it so much:

  • The cast: Justin Theroux shines in the lead as a father struggling to keep his family together and deal with his estranged wife, who has joined a cult following the departure. The cast is rounded out by Liv Tyler, Amy Brenneman and Ann Dowd is terrific as the leader of the aforementioned Guilty Remnant cult.
  • It’s a mystery: The characters in the show all try to make sense of the departure, yet none of them really ever find closure. It’s this search for closure that gets – and keeps – viewers hooked too.
  • Damon Lindelof: The creator of Lost also has his finger prints all over The Leftovers. And while some are still frustrated by how Lost turned out, the twists and turns of that show are evident in this one as well. No two episodes are the same.