The Best Jack Tripper Pratfalls from Three’s Company of All Time

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Three’s Company is one of the funniest TV shows ever created. I am convinced years from now, people will be studying it like they do Shakespeare. The hijinks, the miscommunication, and the 70’s wardrobe are all comedy gold.  But the late great John Ritter as Jack Tripper (get it) is a comic genius when it comes to the pratfall. Here are 8 of his greatest achievements:


The Hammock.

Difficulty Level: 7


The fancy entrance.

Difficulty Level: 8


The please don’t hit me.

Difficulty Level: 5


The right through the door.

Difficulty Level: 9


The Indoor Ski.

Difficulty Level: 7


The stuck in the chair.

Difficulty Level: 5


The ballet pose.

Difficulty Level: 10


And the original that started it all.

Difficulty Level: 10