Sushi Seki: Sushi That Never Disappoints Me

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Sake Tasting


Living in NYC one would think it would abound with great sushi options. Call me a snob but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The local Upper East Side sushi joint sent our dear friend to Lenox Hill and a two week supply to a strong antibiotic. Needless to say I haven’t been back. The fancy option, in our neighborhood, that everyone gushes about frankly sucks. So that brings us to our standby, Sushi Seki. As of last year it was a green carpeted mess, even today with the ‘update’ it is outdated but frankly that is all part of the charm.

Every meal, for us at least, starts with a sake tasting. We tasted two seasonal varieties: Biho and Hanagaki. We tend to gravitate towards dry crisp Sake’s and the Hanagaki delivered on both. Plus the bottle was pretty! Sake, if you enjoy it, is good to learn about. The varieties and tastes are vast.



Dinner was excellent. We started with a tempura of fresh soft shell crabs with a ponzu dipping sauce. From there we went into sushi where our standby order includes yellowtail with jalapeno, salmon with sauteed tomato, big-eye snapper with sea salt, uni and snow crab hand roll. The crowd-pleaser is the snow crab hand roll which sounds so boring and is anything but boring.

Snowcrab Hand Roll

Sushi Seki is never going to blow your mind but it is always excellent, fresh and comforting. It also isn’t going to be the cheapest meal of the week but I don’t think that sushi should ever been cheap. It is in our bi-monthly rotation and I highly recommend that you fit it into your rotation, it will not disappoint.


Sushi Seki
143 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10065