A 1,000 Foot Slip-N-Slide is Coming to NYC and Will Change Your Life

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….most likely because I assume most will be using the homeless as rafts.  But still, this:

In case you haven’t heard, Slide the City is coming to New York City at some point in August 2015 (specific date still to be determined, but I’m really hoping it coincides with my birthday) and I can’t wait!  The concept is simple, yet frightful.  A 1,000 foot slip-n-slide will be placed on one of the streets, which is the equivalent of 3 football fields and you’ll hurl yourself down said slip-n-slide whilst squealing with delight.  While they say it’s safe (since the slide is padded) I plan on breaking at least three ribs and picking up a couple of pool diseases.  Is the swine flu still a thing?  Plus, who in NYC doesn’t think you still can’t get mugged while wizzing down the West Side Highway in a bathing suit going 25 mph?

Slide the City brilliantly turns this into one giant party, where a $35 registration fee gives you a time slot in which you’ll be sliding and access to food, drinks, music and traditional shenanigans.  To me it sounds like a mud run without any of the work. Sign me up!  I just need to get a cheapo float (that they require) to help with my speed factor and I’ll be good to go.  Who’s with me?!

slide the city nyc 2015 august new york city slip-n-slide

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