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Rogue XS Old Crustacean Barley Wine


The Rogue Brewmaster, John Maier, entered his homebrewed barley wine into the American Homebrewers Association competition in 1988.  John’s entry earned him Homebrewer of the Year and a year later he was the head brewer of Rogue Ales.  The recipe hasn’t changed since 1988 and it is delicious.

The Rogue Barleywine has a funky, carmel nose.  The taste is bold with dark, dried fruit notes.  The finish is a perfect mix of the fruit and carmel mixing with bold hops.  The subtle carbonation and high alcohol level could fool some into thinking that they were sipping on liquor.

A really fun and delicious beer, unlike almost any other product out there.  Find yourself a bottle and enjoy.

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