My Favorite Red Wine of 2012 – Machete – By Orin Swift

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Machete 2012

Sometimes you can pick a bottle of wine according to it’s label.  Orin Swift labels tend to pop off the shelf at you.   Whether it is his former label The Prisoner (he sold it), Abstract, Palermo or Papillon you can usually spot his wines pretty easily.  Maybe the toughest to find, Machete, has great Polaroids of women with machetes – obviously.

Run, don’t walk to stockpile you personal stash and you will not be disappointed.  The images fit the wine perfectly.


1.  Bold

Machete Orin Swift


2.  Full Bodied


Machete Orin Swift



3.  Good Legs


Machete Orin Swift



4.  Red and Juicy


Machete Orin Swift