Raspberry Smash Cocktail

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Rasberry Bourbon Cocktail

My new summer cocktail is easy to make and delicious.  It is also made with bourbon or rye, which makes it pretty near perfect.

Raspberry Smash

1/2 Pint of Raspberries 0r about 1 Cup

10-12 oz Bourbon or Rye

10-12 oz Club Soda

5 oz Ginger Ale

Add the raspberries to a Mason Jar and macerate in the bourbon or rye for an hour, I used Bulleit Rye.   Then muddle the raspberries and strain with fine mesh into a pitcher.  You want to make sure you get all that raspberry juice but none of the seeds.  Add in club soda and ginger ale, stir and pour into glasses full of crushed ice.  You can change the ratio of club soda to ginger ale depending on how sweet you like your drinks.  Share with friends, repeat and enjoy!