Milo & Olive: I Needed Pizza Badly and I Was Plesently Surprised

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Milo & Olive
There are days that only pizza can fix. Thankfully living in NYC I have my pick of places to indulge, allowing the cheese, crispy crust and chili peppers wash away a bad day. Unfortunately I was over 3,000 miles away for this bad day in Los Angeles. I have been to Osteria Mozza before but bad days don’t get better by fighting the traffic to cross over the 405 to the East Sid, since I was staying in Santa Monica. All Google Searches seemed to point to Milo & Olive which just happened to be an estimated $6 Uber ride away.

You enter into Milo & Olive and are immediately greeted by a robust bakery and pastry counter, giving me hope. The hostess quoted a 20 to 30 minute wait time for a seat at the bar and I immediately ordered a glass of Malbec. Two glasses later and unfortunately 45 minutes later a bar seat opened up. The wait had enabled me to memorize the menu so I quickly ordered sauteed kale and a pizza with burrata, prosciutto and arugula.

An oven-fired pear and kale salad arrived that my waitress quickly offered to correct but I never like to send back a dish and I was running on empty. The salad was fine but the pears were a little under cooked for my taste. Rarely does it make sense to need a knife for a salad in my opinion. Everything was quickly forgotten upon the arrival of the star a smoking hot pizza. The danger of ordering burrata on pizza is soggy crust. Milo & Olive added all of the toppings after cooking a thin layer of sauce on dough in a 600 degree oven. The contrast in texture with a crispy crust and soft cheese, coupled with the contrast in temperature with steaming hot sauce and cool cheese was a pleasant surprise. The crust very light but toothy with a nice char on it.

Milo & Olive doesn’t serve NYC style pizza but you will not notice, as expected by the end of my meal my day was forgotten.

Milo & Olive
2723 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90403