Spotlight on Lucy Minerals

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Best Mineral Makeup

I stumbled upon Lucy Minerals a few years ago after reading some reviews online…and have been using it ever since.  Their mineral makeup is free of parabens, mineral oil, petroleum and bismuth oxychloride. They don’t test on animals and hand blend their product in the good old USA.  Another reason I gave this line a try is because of their wide range of foundation shades.  It can be difficult to find an “olive” that isn’t very dark and Lucy Minerals has 4 different shades of olive….with 19 shades overall.  The best part is that they will custom blend foundation for you if you find that you fall between two shades.  Simply give them a percentage of the colors you need (ex: 25% medium olive and 75% tan olive), and they’ll custom blend your foundation, then add your  name to the bottom as the foundation name.  Cute!  I also love how they always include free samples with every order…and email you with a heads up on sale items on the regular.

Lucy Minerals also offers four different foundation formulas…Original, Light, and 2 different oil control options.

Some things to consider…You need to order on line (unless you are in Florida).  However, their customer service is amazing and they are more than happy to help you out.  They also have “try it” sizes (genius!), so for a few dollars a piece, you can order some generous sample sized products to help determine what color you need.  The consistency is also different from other mineral makeup I have tried…so it takes a bit of “playing around” to find the best application (sparingly!).  Here are some personal favorites from their line:

1.  Lucy Minerals Foundation (available in 4 formulas & 19 shades)- Check It Out Here For $16

Lucy Minerals Foundation

Buy Now: $16

2.  Lucy Minerals Finishing Powder (available in 4 formulas) – Check It Out Here For $16

Lucy Minerals Finishing Powder

Buy Now: $16

3.  Lucy Minerals Blushes & Bronzers  (available in 19 shades, matte & shimmer)- Check It Out Here For $13

Lucy Minerals Blush & Bronzer

Buy Now: $13

4.  Lucy Minerals Ultimate Lipstick (available in 19 shades) – Check It Out Here For $14

Lucy Minerals Ultimate Lipstick

Buy Now: $14

5.  Lucy Minerals Ambrosia Lip Balm (4 shades available)- Check It Out Here For $6.50

Lucy Minerals Ambrosia Lip Balm

Buy Now: $6.50

6.  Lucy Minerals Shimmer Shadow (available in 27 shades, 9 matte shades also available) – Check It Out Here For $9

Lucy Minerals Shimmer Shadow

Buy Now: $9

7.  Lucy Minerals Ultimate Eyeliner (10 shades available) – Check It Out Here For $13

Lucy Minerals Ultimate Eyeliner

Buy Now: $13

8.   Ultimate Flat Top Kabuki  (23 Ultimate Brushes available, including kits and travel options, vegan approved)- Check It Out Here For $20

Lucy Minerals Ultimate Flat Top Kabuki Brush

Buy Now: $20