Loteria: The LA Farmer’s Market My Go To Spot at LAX’s Terminal 5

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Loteria - Farmer's Market

The LA Farmer’s Market was a must stop for years.  Recently I have had less reason to be in the area and it is harder and harder to find myself there.  It is shame, since it is an experience that anyone interested in food will enjoy.  It is not a open air produce market as much as it is a series of stands that specialize in something and over the years have perfected it.  There is produce, a butcher, spices, homemade candy and fresh seafood for sure but I have always been enamored with the doughnuts at Bob’s Doughnuts and Coffee or ice cream at Bennett’s but especially the Mexican food at Loteria Grill.

Food choices are getting better and better at the Airport, I fly on Delta a lot and nowhere is that more apparent to me than JFK Terminal 4 and LAX Terminal 5.  So when I noticed the Farmer’s Market opening in LAX I wasn’t surprised, only excited to see if they were going to be able to bring the Farmer’s Market feel to the airport.  In the end you really can’t transport the look and the feel but that doesn’t mean disappointment.  My last two breakfasts on my way home to NYC from LAX have been 2 Chicken Tinga Tacos with warm salsa and a side of green rice and beans.  No I can’t walk next door and grab a beer at E.B.’s but travel is stressful and a quick stop at Loteria Grill is a rare oasis of comfort in LAX.

LAX Terminal 5