My Actual Love Affair with the Original Jersey Italian Gravy

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I don’t want to oversell this statement but, well, how do I put this? “Original Jersey Italian Gravy” is literally the BEST jarred tomato sauce I’ve ever had in my entire life and is basically better than any sauce I’ve had in any restaurant in the history of forever. I’m not joking either.

Growing up in an Italian family I’m used to a homemade sauce/gravy (call it whatever you like), so once I was on my own I always struggled with finding a decent sauce to go with my pasta…or pizza…chicken parm (genuflect). I’ve tried any and all of the sauces in the supermarket and it was always, just, ummph. Not bad…just not good either. Moreover, I’m too busy/lazy to make my own sauce from scratch.

Whilst in the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle in NYC I was looking for a jarred sauce and saw a couple of jars of the Original Jersey Italian Gravy. I actually bought it because of (1) the name and (2) the simplicity of the label. For real. Once I used it….life changing. Life. Changing. It is insanely good and, the best part, is that they use only 5 ingredients:

  • Vine-ripened fresh ground tomatoes
  • Fresh onions
  • Canola extra virgin olive oil
  • Kosher salt
  • Natural cane sugar

That’s it.  It’s amazing.  It’s a bit on the pricer side (around $10/jar at Whole Foods..but that’s NYC so…) but well worth it.  I actually stop by twice a week to pick up 2 more jars.  I’d buy more, but I feel like I’d be judged by the checkout workers.

The good news for you is that you can finally buy this online by the jar or by the case.  I’m adding “by the case” to my Christmas list for Santa.  For real, give this sauce a go it’ll change the way you think about “sauce in a jar” forever.

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