How One Pen Company is Revolutionizing the Way We Write

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In 1924 John Shea started making fountain pens tips in Manhattan. 93 years later the Shea family is still making writing instruments, although now they are plastic and made in New Jersey. Hap, Colleen, Matt and Greg Shea run Pen Company of America (PCA), which produces over 40 million pens and markers annually. Every month they have someone reach out to them with the next “big thing” in writing instruments. Most of these ideas never pan out, either because the concept isn’t that great, or the product can’t be mass produced (when you sell a pen for $0.25, you better sell a lot of them). But over the past two years they have worked with three separate inventors on projects, and now all three of them are on the market.

After years of having to search for his marker, losing his cap, and having to pull off the cap with his teeth, Jeff figured that had to be a better way. After many years of dreaming about his marker, he approached PCA and they worked together to make this project a reality. Thus was born the RevMark industrial marker. The RevMark has a patented holster clip that attaches to your belt or slides in your pocket; the marker is always by your side. Plus you can un-cap it with one hand, so you don’t have to use your teeth, or put down your project. RevMark is perfect for contractors, plumbers, electricians and DIY’rs. You can order RevMark at


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One problem with advertising or putting designs on a pen is the small, round area for printing. Try putting a picture on a pen, and you can only see a small part of it at one time. But when Barry came to PCA with the Foldzflat pen, he had solution. By starting out flat, like a business card, and then folding into a regular pen, you get large photo quality printing and the utility of the pen. You’ve got to see this one to believe it. Perfect for a business, and since you can order as few as 2 pens, you can even make them up for someone as a gift. Try designing your own at


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Every guy knows you have to be careful what you put in your pocket. You don’t want something poking you in the…leg. But who wants to write with some tiny pen that you can barely hold. Well after struggling to find the perfect pen that is small in your pocket, but full size in your hand (and one that doesn’t cost $25), Terry took matters into his own hands. And so was born, Pokka Pen. The brilliance behind Pokka is the extra long cap, which snaps on the back when you are using it to make it feel like a regular pen. Terry’s video explains it best: Of all the pens we make, this is my go-to pen.


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The only way to survive these days is to constantly innovate. That’s not always easy in the world of pens and markers. But these three exciting new designs are sure to keep PCA busy making pens here in the USA.