My Easy Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe

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Homemade Vanilla

Maybe you are thinking of tackling some baking this Holiday Season, or making something new and tasty without committing to an oven and an uncertain outcome?  You could always make some Homemade Baileys!  Either way it is so easy to make Homemade Vanilla Extract.

Homemade Vanilla Extract 

4-5 Vanilla Beans

3-4 Cups of Vodka or Bourbon

Vanilla beans can be found for a reasonable price if you quickly search eBay.  Split the beans down the middle and cut them in half to better expose the vanilla.  Add the beans to a sealable bottle and cover with your booze of choice.  I go with a combination of Vodka and Bourbon.  I would let the concoction marinate 3 weeks before initially using.  After that you can add beans and booze over time.  I even add beans that I have scrapped for baking to the mix.  The Extract should last forever, enjoy.