The Golden Girls Legos You’ve Been Waiting For

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golden girls lego set 2015

Because if you really want to thank someone for being a friend you’ll show it to them with this genius Golden Girls Lego set that just may be coming to a store near you.  A fan of both the Golden Girls and Lego submitted his idea to the Lego Ideas program and it was accepted!  All they need is 5,000 more votes and Lego will begin to start churning these out. Take a look below at some of the brilliant scenes you’ll be able to build:

1.  Sophia cooking in the kitchen while Blanche, Dorothy and Rose have their morning coffee:

the golden girls legos 2015


2.  That time Sophia surprised everyone by bringing Burt Reynolds back to the house:

golden girls legos with burt reynolds 2015


3.  When Dorothy was on the game show “Grab that Dough!”

golden girls lego set grab that dough scene 2015


4.  When Rose steals back her favorite teddy bear from one of the Sunshine Cadets:

legos for golden girls teddy bear 2015


5.  When Dorothy and Sophia dressed up as Sonny and Cher:

golden girls lego sonny and cher 2015


6.  And, of course, when Dorothy, Rose and Blanche froze their heads:

legos golden girls frozen heads 2015 2016


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