Full House is Coming Back and I Hope the Jess-Man is Too!

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Update: 4.21.2015:  Now I don’t want to say “we told you so” buuuuut we did report on this back in August of 2014.  Regardless, we are happy to report that IT’S OFFICIAL….Netflix has picked up a 13 episode sequel to Full House titled Fuller House and is schedule to air at some point in 2016.  It better be Jan 1, 2016.  Fuller House reunites DJ and Kimmy, along with Stephanie (Step-on-Me) Tanner who will help DJ deal with the loss of her husband all whilst she’s pregnant.  John Stamos will be producing this beautiful mess and will also play our favorite uncle, Uncle Jessie.  No word yet if Aunt Becky will be back or if Nicki and Alex killed her, etc.  Our excitement for this can be summed up in 8 words:  Bring It!


8.24.2014 Breaking News: TV Guide still exists! And…they’re reporting that a Full House reunion of sorts is in the works. Well it’s not so much of a reunion as it is a reboot like they did with “Girl Meets World.” You know, when they officially ruined our childhood. Apparently John Stamos has an ownership stake in the show (can anyone just own that?) and is trying to get the gang back together to make that awkward magic all over again. Full House, as you know, still brings in strong ratings when they repeat the hell out of it on Nick at Nite all the live-long-day. Perhaps lightning in a bottle can strike twice, especially because it’s reported that Candace Cameron (DJ Tanner), Jodie Sweetin (Step-on-Me Tanner and former meth head), and Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler) are all on board and have absolutely nothing else going on. I’ll start my prayer circle to see if they can bring back Papouli from the dead (oopa!) so he can finally teach Michelle a “Greek dance.”

No word yet if the Olsen Twins will be available to sing “I’m the Cute One” or “Brother For Sale” but I’ll be reporting if/when that happens.